Chris Brown Releases "Off That Liquor"; Is New Song a Message to Rihanna?

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The talk of the Twitter-verse is that Chris Brown is begging for forgiveness from Rihanna in a new song released online. But is it true, and if so, how will she react?

The lyrics to Brown's single "Off That Liquor" (below) include the following line: “Them other girls ain’t got nothing on ya. Patron mixed with … that’s your recipe.”

Rihanna is a known fan of Patron tequila, BTW. Also, the line “If it’s loving that you need,” from her 2005 hit “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” is mirrored in Chris’ new song.

He sings, “Come, if it’s loving that you need, from me!”

Chris Brown, Rihanna

Could it be that Chris, whose fans have been in the news as much as he has lately for their threats against Chrissy Teigen, is really pining for his ex this time?

Maybe, maybe not ... but it's hard to believe this was penned for Karrueche Tran.

He continues, “Whenever you’re ready, I’mma give you my heart,” to which he almost explicitly demands Rihanna to come back to him ... and get naked ASAP.

“Right now girl, baby come over, so we can make love,” he croons. “So when you’re leaving that party baby / Come on over, we can get it started baby.”

Your move, Rih. Your move.


@nicole you just had to be the hater if you don't like chris brown stop reading about him and commenting bad remarks but to be honest your opinion doesn't count anyway because your a hater


Everybody knows that his songs are not about rihanna !!The media always make assumptions that his lyrics describe his feelings for her!!They need to accept the fact that he's not worried about that stupid ho!


Is every song supposedly made for Rihanna?


Mr all about me is just making money. But not off me. LOL!!


News news, Chris Brown is truly a money maker, that is why the media cannot have enough of him and over analysis even his most insignifcant move...shame shame. To the critics this is becoming a case of envy and jealousy, no longer about what Chris did. It is now very clear now, what a shame.


Chris Brown I love ur song second serving.My only hope is people stop hating you, one thing I don't understand is why they acting like you did something to them?If Rihanna has forgiven what make it right for these music & movie stars& radio &etc, to hate you so much don't they no all that hate toward you abt something you did to her & not them God is watching & they really want you to apologize to them its not abt Rihanna &: you anymore its abt them now.I'm glad you & her has forgiveness you'll heart and I hope those who haven't forgiven you I hope they will for there own heart good unforgiveness cause sickness remember that people peace out.


I don't think this song is about rihanna 1 bit?
everytime he mentions something sort of lyric in any of his songz all use news people do is asume it is about tha bitch rihanna,
by the way i ain't a HATER towards rihanna give her ,
her due she does good in her music but, he love's karrueche tran &
is over robyn rihanna fenty now, so get over tha #FACT! his lyrics arnt dedicated to rihanna unless he is dissing it.(rihanna)


@Nicolee I'm curious as to why you have that opinion?


I don't think this song is abt Rihanna!why every time this man open his mouth to sing everybody think he singing abt her ass?you no he don't need to get back w/her if he don't want to go to jail before his probation up. He get back w/ her if he look @her wrong she have him in jail just to pay him back & that's what all his haters want her to do
Chris gone on & make ur living & forget abt Rihanna


Im sorry but I dont think Rihanna shuld forgive Chris

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