Chris Brown Releases "Off That Liquor"; Is New Song a Message to Rihanna?

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The talk of the Twitter-verse is that Chris Brown is begging for forgiveness from Rihanna in a new song released online. But is it true, and if so, how will she react?

The lyrics to Brown's single "Off That Liquor" (below) include the following line: “Them other girls ain’t got nothing on ya. Patron mixed with … that’s your recipe.”

Rihanna is a known fan of Patron tequila, BTW. Also, the line “If it’s loving that you need,” from her 2005 hit “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” is mirrored in Chris’ new song.

He sings, “Come, if it’s loving that you need, from me!”

Chris Brown, Rihanna

Could it be that Chris, whose fans have been in the news as much as he has lately for their threats against Chrissy Teigen, is really pining for his ex this time?

Maybe, maybe not ... but it's hard to believe this was penned for Karrueche Tran.

He continues, “Whenever you’re ready, I’mma give you my heart,” to which he almost explicitly demands Rihanna to come back to him ... and get naked ASAP.

“Right now girl, baby come over, so we can make love,” he croons. “So when you’re leaving that party baby / Come on over, we can get it started baby.”

Your move, Rih. Your move.


I love rehanna


Wat ll b ll b whether any1 lyks it or nt,am d hugest fan of chris & a fan of riri so its kul if dey wanna b 2geda again


they not together no more. point blank period n she dont miss him.
and those songs are old compared to the actual days people listen to them.
its all in the past people need to leave that girl alone.
obviously, if you hate on her or always got something negative to say about her. your pathetic life revolves around hers lmao


i will take him back, i love him


haters leave rihannah and go chris she is not in love wit him its da other way around


@nicolee why don't u shut the fuck up rihanna did great by forgiving him ok he deserve to be forgive by everyone anyway chris have his fans that love him and support him no matter what like we the real #TEAMBREEZY will say fuck the hatter and LEGO chris your the best and your very talented


Tyshea davis well done boo u couldn't say it any better all bad and negative comment about chris brown don't matter all u are fucking hatter's


What the people are saying are fake they are not getting back together and you people are falling for that piece of crap for what that bitch free britney is saying they don't have nothing to write stories about but to make Chris brown's life miserable. Just leave him the fuck alone


don't do it Rihanna.


Chris is not looking to settle down and thats what Rihanna want.she wants him to be true to her only.since he not then rihanna is not thinking about him.chris wanna have his cake and eat it toi.thats why he with Karrueche now.cuz Karrueche will let him do whatever he wants to do far as cheating on her and threesomes to keep her man being that Karrueche has no job and Chris is taking care of her.Karrueche is a free loader.i believe the Chris is still in love with Rihanna and Chris is just tryna rub Karrueche in Rihanna face tryna make Rihanna jealous when she is not i dont believe the song is for Rihanna.i believe Chris is talking about his other ex and its not Rihanna.

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