Chris Brown Posse Member Flashed Gang Signs, Made Death Threats at Drake, Source Claims

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Chris Brown is portraying himself as the victim in Wednesday night's fight with Drake and his entourage, but one of Brown's posse members may have been the primary instigator of the violent brawl, according to new reports from witnesses.

The Chris Brown-Drake fight clearly involved major smack talk on both sides, but it was Brown's friend who flashed gang signs and made death threats at Drake's entourage moments before the melee broke out at W.I.P. nightclub, allegedly.

The Drake
Chris Brown: Fight Time?

Eyewitnesses say that Chris Brown had been hanging out at his VIP table with a posse of 16 guys or so ... one of whom was a man with dreadlocks who was throwing gang signs and screaming at Drake and his entourage.

Witnesses say this man was the primary instigator in the brawl that followed.

Among other verbal taunts, the man yelled out, "Somebody's gonna die!"

The man also lashed out at Drake's friend Meek Mill - the man who allegedly inflicted this gash on Brown - saying "F**k you, we're gonna kill you n!gga."

As the threats were made, Chris reportedly stood up and embraced him.

If the man acted as if he's associated with a gang - regardless of whether he actually is - it could be significant, as Chris' probation bars him from such things.

Seriously. His probation stipulates him from fraternizing with gang members. Says a lot right there, no? Neither he nor Drake are criminal suspects, FYI.

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So sad that there are thousands of kids involved in gangs, and all the killings and beatings that go with being in a gang. Both of these idiots and their entourages involved with this bar brawl could help to show some of these kids that gangs are not the answer, but instead they show them that even when you get out of a gang, you can make millions continuing with that same gang mentality. Don't help them make more money, boycott them both, and any publications that help to glamorize them and their thug lifestyles! What happened to integrity?
What happened to trying to be a good person? What happened to trying to leave the world in a better place than you found it? So, so sad......


Keep it up boys, you're proving the klan right.


I bet you a thousand bucks that you wouldn't tell Floyd mayweather shit if he asked you to your face if you had a problem with him lol.


To @jawny since the "women beater" couldnt tell you himself I'll take the honors of giving you a big FUCK YOU!! THANKS! : )


Doesn't take a lot of thought to figure out where all these thugs would be if they didnt sing does it? White black green or purple, money dont buy class. Anyone still Chris is picked on and hes a sweet choir boy who was framed and really didnt beat a woman? And Im sure Drake isnt innocent in his life either so dont think Im picking sides here. Im just tired of people defending these punks


Hi there. this gossip blog about Drake and Brown's one of the hottest that I have ever heard.


I think this is excting news that is what makes celebrity life interesting,da guys should keep up da gud work but they must not hurt others at da process

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