Chris Brown Performs on Today, Electrifies Team Breezy

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Chris Brown hit New York with full force (insert Chris Rock punch line here) this morning, kicking off the Today show summer concert series on NBC.

The passionate, oft-maligned singer enchanted fans as he performed hits as well as a new song, "Don't Wake Me Up," from his new album, Fortune.

"I love you, Team Breezy!" Chris shouted several times, definitely feeling the love from the New York crowd. Take a look at his rousing effort here:

Breezy them proceeded to belt out the songs to the fans (most of whom appeared to be girls under 20, somewhat scarily) that filled Rockefeller Plaza.

With fan favorites like "Yeah 3X," "Forever"' and "Turn Up The Music," there was no shortage of energy on the scene and fortunately, no one was injured.

That we know of. Team Breezy responded by screaming at the top of their lungs and yelling out the lyrics, so there may be some hearing damage.

Watch Chris perform all three of those hits after the jump!


I'm guessing that eveybody has no kind of bad past, huh. Leave this kid alone, he is trying to build his career back up again.


So u call someone who had a fight with just one girlfriend a woman beater then i guess almost all the men a women should be treated the way u haters treat chris brown. So why don't u start with the person in the mirror and then then people in your family because we all have them. Just like we all have family members on some type of drugs no one talks about it but u know who they r.


So Sad! I blame the dads. If fathers are physically OR emotionally absent, if they are abusive physically or emotionally this is what you end up with. Young girls with low self worth who think that putting someones head in a headlock could ever be just a mistake. Or that we should separate the performer from his behaviour. Its the lack of a strong positive manly presence. Its no accident this girls are all black people. Gonna visit my dad and give him a big loving hug for being a true example of manhood.


he did great and im glad to see he is back on top because he has TALENT!


woman beater- some one who continuously abuses women... anyway give him the credit he deserves for giving a great preformance and stop trying to bring up 4 year old news that has nothing to do with his career.


do something with your life and stop critcising others lives TEAMBREEZY #


Well i love chrissy poo and if you dont want to be hit by a boy/man/girl/woman keep your hands and or feet to yourself. One of those thinks your parents should have taught you!! And abuser and a person that put hands back on a person putting hands on them are far from the same but a woman hitting a man is...... Both should have keep there hands to themselves if it wasnt to show love?


Once a women beater always a women beater.





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