Chris Brown Parties With Karrueche Tran ... and Rihanna

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Prepare for a firestorm of rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna may be back together or close to it, because the two partied at the same club.

At the same time. OMFG.

Chris and Rihanna were spotted at Avenue nightclub in New York, where the R&B star spent some time hanging out at Rihanna's table.

The two exited the club separately, but within minutes of each other, and were both tight-lipped about anything that happened inside.

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CB Photo

Earlier that night, the controversial artist launched his first art show, a collaboration with pop artist Ron English called “Dum English.”

At the event, taking place at Opera Gallery in SoHo, his girlfriend, petite model Karrueche Tran, was also at the gallery all evening.

A source at the event says Tran stayed by the 23-year-old Brown’s side for much of that time and the two shared “multiple embraces.”

Karrueche Tran hung on Brown’s every word as he told guests about his artwork, but did not go to the club with him, apparently.

Good thing, too, because Brown could be seen “clearly admiring Rihanna from his table across the room," according to the N.Y. Daily News.

No hookups, though, at least not yet. Despite suggestive song lyrics, Brown seems to be sending the message that he’s with Karrueche.

Weigh in, Team Breezy. Weigh in.


@anelle INTERESTING....I never thought that thru. And its easy enuf for them to 'conspire' to walk into the same clubs and unfollow each other on twitter and stuff - it sure stirs up the gossip. They probably started it with the remixed they did and are STIll messing with us. Probably laughing at all these stories they've created - laughting all the way to THE BANK!!!


@palley Yes its disgusting but how is it an 'addiction' if it happened one time - and not a hint in the last three years. He has had his girlfriends. One claims he was always a gentleman. He;s had the current one for 2 years - and u don't think the pap would find out if there was any violence there? Charlie Sheen has the addiction - do we see him smeared every time his name comes up? NO. Becuz he didn't beat up hot celebrity. Get off the boy's back.


Y'all being DUPED. Chris and Rih are staging this whole thing to stay in the limelight. LOOK at all the coverage they're getting, having everyone so damn intrigued. Their hits aren't fast and furious these days. Rih's album a dud and CB doesn;t want his to be. ANY publicity will help. And how does this gf put up with this shit? She knows its a game and she's got her man. Its making Rih look like a desperate fool - but she/they are fooling all of us! Rihanna's a tough cookie, her and Chris co-conspirator friends. And Chris and GF looking happy and lovey-dovey as fuck. Think about it....


beating the crap out of someone you love is not fucking up its disgusting its not a ooops moment you never hit women kids for any reason beating is like a addiction they cant control it for ever and he is still a punk coward sue me for respecting women maybe women should start respecting themselves more than they do what are all you idiots going too say when he beats up another woman and he will id bet money on that.


Hes stupid if he goes back to her its gonna cause problems


You haters are sounding a little psycho these days. Just consumed by your bitterness and not in touch with reality. This is a decent boy who fucked up once. See HOLLYWOOD LIFE today.


what do girls see in this toothpick armed coward he probably beats them up so bad they cant think straight.

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