Chris Brown, Drake Offered $1 Million Each to Fight For Charity

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Chris Brown and Drake have been offered $1 million each to fight three rounds in a boxing ring in the name of charity, the New York Times reports.

What's more, promoter Damon Feldman is hoping to pay Rhianna, whose links to both stars are well documented, the same amount to be the ring girl.

“It’s more of a show than anything, and we can raise millions for charity,” Feldman said. “Instead of fighting in a bar, they could get paid to fight!"

Chris Brown, Sunglasses
Drake in Concert

"We would like to have Rihanna as a ring girl, as well, but if she doesn’t take our offer, we know she will be watching,” the prospective MC added.

The fight, if it happens, would take place at a ring in Las Vegas in August, he says. Proceeds would go towards a charity for battered women.

Feldman has already promoted celebrity fights featuring Jose Canseco, Michael Lohan, Rodney King, Hailey Glassman, Danny Bonaduce and others.

The now-infamous Chris Brown-Drake fight went down in a New York City nightclub June 14. The club, W.i.P., has since been shut down by NYC.

NBA star Tony Parker was among several people injured in the melee, which allegedly erupted because of bad blood over (what else) Rihanna.

Choose your side in this potential boxing match:



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