Chris Brown-Drake Fight: All About Rihanna, Sparked By Middle Finger!

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It looks like last night's wild fight between Chris Brown and Drake was, in fact, about the former's ex and the latter's rumored hookup, Rihanna. Imagine that.

Sources also indicate that while Drake's telling the truth when he says he wasn't involved physically in the epic melee that ensued, he definitely stirred the pot.

Drake gave Brown the middle finger, engaged in some serious trash talk, and recruited several other rappers to join his posse before the brawl, witnesses say.

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Tension started escalating, supposedly, when Drake gave the middle finger to one of Chris' bodyguards and shouted, "I'm about to go whoop that ass!"

Chris' entourage responded with a few hand gestures of their own.

Witnesses very close to the action say Drake felt disrespected ... even though he started the exchange. At that point the rapper went to get backup.

His boys Juelz Santana, Trav B and Meek Mill - the one who sources say hit Brown with a bottle and gashed his chin - then stepped into the beef.

At this point, the latest report says that Drake got loud and shouted at Chris something to the effect of "You be on that ho s**t on Twitter n***a!" 

That would be an expletive-laden, but clear reference to a recent Twitter war between Chris, Drake, and Meek ... all over who's banging Rihanna.

Raise your hand if you're surprised she played some role in this. Anyone?

Moments later, Chris' security guards became irate, more words were exchanged, pushing and shoving began, a bottle was thrown, and ... yeah.

By all accounts, Drake never got physically involved in the brawl and was about to leave at the time, which he claimed in a statement via his rep.

His middle finger and smack talk clearly played a role in it, however.

One quick question before we turn it over to your comments: Whatever happened ... aren't you almost surprised this hasn't happened before?

Whose side are you on in the Chris Brown-Drake beef?


chris brown is a better artist than drake and meek mill will ever be put all who dont like chris brown stop being a ass an shut the fuck up ok hats all that i have to say


all who is saying that chris brown is a fag or any other shit.......u all need to shut the fuck up he is a better artist than drake and meek mill well ever be put together so anti-chris brown people get a life an shut the fuck up


Rihanna is a player doing these boys like they be doing gals. Girl Power. Drake is a sweetheart, he just being manipulated by Rihanna the playette. Chris Brown is woman beating faggot. He beat her coz he wishes she was a man n he hates all women.


lmfao thats mad funny , rihannas a hoe , fuckin everyone in the music game.hahahahahahahaha


Chris brown is a fag Drake should of smashed him out homo nigga


For number one yall need to back the hell off of chris brown as for drake juelz and mills yall all are hoes to me because yall got into a fight over a ho that dont mean yall no good meek mills only girls throw bottles drake u a bitch because ur starting mess with someone who already had that ho rihanna. yall need to grow up and be men about it rihanna knows exactly what shes doing and yall stupid enough to let her come in between yall shes not worth all that at all. Drake u dont know who u want whether u want nikki minaj or that ho rihanna u need to make up ur mind. Chris Breezy i got ur back i will always be ur number fan still. FUCK DRAKE MEEK MILLS AND JUELZ on the real tip.


Brown is crazy


i dont condone violence but lets face it, chris is a hothead punk who had this comin for years. as the article said, was bound to happen at some point. hope his bodyguard is ok but NO sympathy for chris himself


Rihanna has NO SHAME!!! Fuck n around with two stupid ass punks....what did you expect would happen??? What she needs to do is stop act n like a HO....learn some class N act like a real woman as opposed to a lil ass girl stuck in high school...fuck!!!


Team Breezy is on damage control mode. Spinning this shit faster than a clothes dryer. His publicist is earning her money today for sure. Rihanna is involved but Drake is a total gentleman. The man was raised jewish for godsakes. How many jews do you know act like that??

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