Charlize Theron "Totally Open" to Game of Thrones Role

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She stars in the biggest movie in the land (Snow White and the Huntsman), and also stars in what is bound to be the biggest movie in the land this weekend (Prometheus).

But Charlize Theron is focused on the small screen.

Charlize Theron Red Carpet Pic

In a recent interview, the Oscar winner copped to being a MAJOR Game of Thrones fan, saying:

"I am absolutely foaming at the mouth over Game of Thrones. I cannot get enough of that. When my son came in my life, that was a bottle feed because I couldn’t watch television; I used to watch so little. That was my TiVo feed every two hours – watching Game of Thrones. My mom was like, “Do you think it’s fine that you’re feeding your son while there’s like sword fights?” I was like, “It’s fine, Mom. It’s fine."

Would she guest star on the HBO epic? "I’d be totally open to it."

Game of Thrones, of course, is notorious for its sex and nude scenes. So, in other words series casting directors: Give Theron a call. NOW!

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I love her,and she is always bifuteaul,but her choices lately are pretty boring to me,and this one is too,even with that greta coloure it's still sort of blah.wrong shoes,I like wedges very much,but not here.


Has Dalla been cast yet? Or Val? Or any of the Sand Snakes? There's definitely a place for her somewhere.