Charlize Theron Shaves Her Head!

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Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in the world - and she's testing the boundaries of that beauty with a new look.

The Oscar winner was photographed in Los Angeles yesterday (holding adorable son Jackson), donning a hat that could not fully cover up the obvious: she has gone all Willow Smith on us!

Sources confirm that Theron, who is ruling the box office these days with Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus, shaved her head for a role in Mad Max: Fury Road. It starts shooting next month in Africa.

Compare her new look with her old one now and vote on your favorite:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Charlize Theron has gone to an extreme. Compare her shaven head now with one full of hair. Vote on your favorite look. View Poll »

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Why u hating on her cos u said she did it 4 da movie , now u bringing Willow Smith on dis , u r a fuck idiot , dat al im gona say .


Charlize looks ugly with no hair!


these articles are ridiculous! i dont know why i bother! who writes this crap?


Hello!!!! Does anyone remember the movie Monster! This is a walk in the park compared to that role!


wait I'm's asking us to vote for hair or no hair, but she's wearing a hat. I can't even tell what she looks like with no hair...


She is beautiful wit hairs done, she is pretty good


Stunning bald. True beauty shouldnt need mountains of hair. Plus I fucking hate it when a girls hair falls onto my face or mouth while we are fucking.


Its for her, who cares? Industry workers can't have beards...what's the big whoop?


Grammar Nazi says the question should read "which hairstyle looks better" not "best".


I agree with Sue above, for those of us who have gone through Chemo, this is all part of the process of life. Give her a break. There are more important things in life. Like the child in her arms. That is what is important, Taking care of children and putting our care where it matters not on hair.