Charlie Sheen Considers Lawsuit Over Hotel Room Allegations

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His anger not managed over a story this week that claimed he trashed a NYC hotel room, Charlie Sheen is considering legal action against those who reported the story.

As reported on Wednesday, a couple news outlets claimed that the actor went ballistic inside the Ritz-Carlton, partying the night away with prostitutes and pretty much acting like Charlie Sheen circa 2010.

But hotel representatives then came out and denied the story, inviting Sheen to stay there again any time in the future.

Charlie Sheen on GMA

Sheen spoke to TMZ about the allegations and said he's been so busy promoting his new show on FX (did you watch the Anger Management premiere? It was abysmal.) that he simply has no time for drugs and hookers.

He also shot down reports that he flipped out on his daughters after they refused to walk a red carpet with him and ex-wife Denise Richards for what Sheen hoped would be a PR-friendly photo op.

In response to these supposed lies, Sheen is considering a defamation lawsuit to get to the bottom of who initially leaked the bogus tale.


I think Charlie is attempting to protect his "good boy" status anyway he can and he is sounding like the "lady doth protest too much". I was a big fan of 2 and a half men but Anger Management was a disappointment and I agree with the reviewers it pales next to Wifred and Louie.


his new show are a hit he is such a clever actor I think people
some people hate his guts and would like to see him fail thats the
reason why hotelroomtrasching are cirkulating so mean charlie suit them big annika


Charlie sheen made 2 and a half men. The fact that he was sauces up and on drugs, I think, made his acting that much more real! Was he even acting? He was just doing what was natural for him. All I know is, that show blows without him!


You know what I think ge is doing a great job and people need yo leave him alone. He trying to turn his life around for the best and you cant blame the guy if he dosnt want to be remembered as a drug addict who sleeps with hookers and by the way two and a half men sucks now without him I cant believe they replaced him with that clown from the 70s show


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