Catelynn Lowell Touts Weight Loss in New Twitpic

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Guess it's pretty obvious Catelynn Lowell is not pregnant.

In a recent Twitter photo, the Teen Mom star showed that she's shed 22 pounds since she joined Weight Watchers last summer, and she's not done yet!

"I was more than 165 pounds, which is so gross!" the 5-foot-2 reality star admitted. "Now I'm 144. I only have 20 more to lose until I'm at my goal."

Check out the photo of her new, thinner frame below:

Catelynn Lowell Weight Loss

The bride-to-be says she'll fit in her dream wedding dress, too: "I put it on and started bawling. I knew that was it. I love it and can't wait to wear it!"

During the Teen Mom season premiere, she tweeted, "I can't believe how much weight I have lost watching this makes me want to lose way more!"

And her fiance Tyler Baltierra, 20, makes for a good workout partner. The MTV stars hit the gym three times a week, and he's her biggest fan!

Baltierra also Tweeted his support for her weight loss, writing, "Cate has lost so much weight, I never even noticed before! Good job babe."

With a photo, he said, "See her now! Freaking love her."

Aww. One thing they don't freaking love is the rumors that they're having another baby. Apparently Cate's mom impersonated her and told a tabloid.


I think she looks great now- 20 more lbs is insane.


hey to each his own just because keeping your two was a good choice for you it wasnt for her adoption is a great choice for people that have a bad living situation or no money she still misses her daughter just cause you see her smile in a few photos and a couple times on tv doesnt mean she doesnt wish she was raising carly so shut up


@Amber Learn how to spell


i dont agree with you bing happy without your daughter .....i have two i would not let some one have my blood they are mine.... No one would ever take care of kids better than thier mom


Cate i am so.happy for you. You kesp at it and ull meet ur goal.And u have an amazing man he is so suppotive! You guys have come a far way form 16 and.pregnant! I love u to so much and good luck in ur future. Im sad this is the last season i can get to watch u two. You guys have grown the most and matured the most. Great job guys u really should get a spin off!


You go girl!!! You look happy again. I wish you and tyler have a super duper awesome wedding next year! Real love stays true forever.. I admire you 2 for going tru such hard times and still standing, loving and holding eachother! Never mind what people say ' caus you 2 are amazing! Xoxo


Catelynn, youlooks soo great, good job at sticking to your goals and sorry to hear what your mom did to you!! You and Tyler are my favorite!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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