Catelynn Lowell Says Mom Impersonated Her, Sold False Pregnancy Story to Tabloid

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Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell is not happy about recent tabloid reports that she's pregnant again (she's not), and points the finger at a surprising figure.

Earlier this month, In Touch matter-of-factly declared that she and fiance Tyler Baltierra were happily expecting a child. This was not the case. At all.

“I want to set the record straight. I’m not pregnant,” Catelynn said. “My mom lied.”

Wait, what?

Catelynn Lowell Pregnancy Hoax

The shocking deception started in early June, when the reality star's mom, April Baltierra, informed the magazine that Catelynn Lowell is pregnant again.

April arranged for a friend to "confirm" it in an interview and even sent documentation of the pregnancy from a doctor who supposedly treated Cate.

Then, a woman identifying herself as Catelynn did a phone interview with the celebrity gossip magazine - from a cell phone with Tyler’s voicemail on it.

A private investigator “with beyond a reasonable degree of professional certainty” that the voice of the interview subject “is the voice of the mother.”

“I love my mom, but it’s frustrating,” says the college student. "It crosses the line.”

“We feel violated,” Tyler adds. “I’m shocked that she would go to this length."

“I don’t know how she can sleep at night,” Cate's dad, David, says of his ex.

April's con allegedly involved her warning In Touch not to contact Catelynn again after the interview because stress could cause her to “lose the baby.”

In a series of angry phone calls and texts after the hoax was exposed, April claims “Catelynn was fully aware of the story. She knew all about this.”

April also says she is homeless ... whatever that's worthy.

For her part, Catelynn wants fans to know she’s “absolutely sorry” for everything that has happened and despite her mother’s hurtful and erratic behavior.

On the plus side, the engaged step-siblings say it made them stronger. “You either grow together or you grow apart,” says Tyler. “We’ve grown together.”


i love the show i cant stand catelynn and what’s Tyler they are annoying the think they are smart and try act like they are grown up but all they dude is basked in fame and for what a child they don’t have and don’t get me wrong there nothing wrong with adoption i think they did a good thing giveing her up i did cry but then all they do a wine and grown a bout carly like oh my god shut up get over and live ur lives and stop tying to be big shots like they are trying to keep up with the other teens moms they repeat what other people say when trying to hold a conversation like they are trying to be half way intelligent and it wouldn’t get on my nerves as much if they would learn to hay yea or uh hu more expand ur vocabulary and here a another thing get over ur selves ur nothing special all u are is a another Illiterateeen who fucked ur step sister and had a child. sorry iv been holding that in for a very long time. I feel a lot better


Watching Tyler and Catelynn help each other grow up on TM is also so powerful, and in the most rneect season, kind of heartbreaking. I think MTV must have asked itself whether following them would fulfill the Teen Mom mission statement, as they are not struggling with daily parenting so much as coping with their choice, the fall-out, and growing up amid such dysfunction. But they are consistently amazing and strong, and still just children, and obvs a totally moving part of the show empire. If they broke up, I don't know what I would do, so great would be my despair.


Her mother is one of the WORST mothers on the planet she's a drunk and a drug attic


i think that april she should just leve her alowen and let her live her life with er man and stop making her fell bad about her giving up her baby but she had to it so cate could get head in lif and finsh school


Catelynn and Tyler,
You guys handled the situation so maturely. You guys are awesome and deserve the very best. When the time is right, I'm sure you'll bring another child just as beautiful as your little Carly into the world. Keep your heads up and don't let anything get to you To April: You're just a poor of an excuse of a parent as Butch is. You say you love your children, then why would you do this to them? Is it for money? To fill your personal void from not having Carly around? Well newsflash, Catelynn and Tyler are great people, and your jealousy is going to destroy them. Grow up, it's sad to say that your kids are more mature than you are. But from someone who's never supported their decision from the get go, that's not surprising.


We all know that Butch is a crack head. He has already admitted it. And his actions says he still is... And sorry April is most likely one too, and I hate to say it. But with the being said on TV, April should not have custody with her young son.


catelynn and tyler u two are so amazing but as for april ur discusting u treat your baby girl like crap you smoke cigs right infront of your own little boy you yell at this poor girl for what? i am so proud of both you and tyler and i am sure carly is too i agree with the two of you for doing what was best for baby carly butch and april should not even have that little boy in their care april you are a horrible mother your low life husband comes before your two kids (sorry tyler and catelynn) and now you dive this low to hurt your daughter more? i wouldnt want my baby raised around you no wonder why they choose the path for poor baby carlie cos look at your life cracked out junkies !!!!!!!


Catelynn mom looks like a straight up crack head. Indeed she is, youve seen the way she has those crazy mood swings. Soo ugly


dude April and Butch are white trash! sorry for your kids being more mature than you, also having more money too


This is disgusting! But CateLynn's mother doesn't surprise me. How in the hell did such awesome kids like Cate and Tyler come from such pieces of f##king trash like April and Butch. Thank God for Ty's mom and Cate's dad. They seem to be the only two with some damn sense. I would keep my distance from April's criminal, crazy ass....mother or no mother! She sure as hell doesn't act like one so why treat her like one.

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