Casey Anthony to Turn Diaries Into New Book?

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Casey Anthony has kept a journal ever since he daughter, Caylee, disappeared. Now the rumor is that she will try to incorporate her entries into a bestseller.

Casey, who says she obviously didn't kill Caylee, has "been keeping a journal and she's spending the majority of her days writing," a source tells Radar Online.

"She has also been spending a lot of time going through her past journal entries and including excerpts she wants included in a book she wants to write."

Casey Anthony Diary Pic

“Make no mistake, Casey will absolutely be releasing a book, it's just a matter of time," the source adds of the infamous 26-year-old "Tot Mom."

"[Casey Anthony] feels that this is the only way that she can get her story out and she feels that the public wants to hear from her."

However, “the big publishing houses fear the backlash from the public and aren't lining up to sign Casey [though] she isn't concerned about it."

"Look, Casey has got bills to pay, she has to pay her lawyers. She has been unable to work for the past year, and she is counting on the book deal."

Meanwhile, Anthony's one-time attorney, Jose Baez, is releasing his new book, Presumed Guilty, next month through Ben Bella, a smaller-time publisher.

They're also publishing Rielle Hunter's book this month, in which she gushes about having sex with John Edwards, how his late wife was nuts, etc.

Ben Bella certainly represents some class folks.


I know! She can name it: "If I Did it" and describe exactly how she searched to make chloroform, household weapons, neck breaking & all those other violent ideas. Then she can explain how it would have felt to drive around smelling the stench of her baby's rotting corpse in her car & how she waited for a dark night to dump the corpse down the street in her old pet cemetery. I wonder if she'll include PICTURES, because a lot of people are still wondering about the thousands of "really bad" pictures the investigators found on her computer. The ones that were SO BAD, police didn't even want to tell poor George what they were.

Wv peach

Whoever is stupid enough to publish anything this baby-killer writes should be run out of town and financially ruined. Absolutely revolting.


Piece of filth!!! I couldn't be paid to read that no good baby killing whore's book!! Smh!


Who wants to by a book from Casey? It's just lies and more lies. She certainly won't be making any money off me!!!!!


They can take all they're crap and sell it in H E L L. I'm not buying any of it!!! Trash!