Casey Anthony to Turn Diaries Into New Book?

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Casey Anthony has kept a journal ever since he daughter, Caylee, disappeared. Now the rumor is that she will try to incorporate her entries into a bestseller.

Casey, who says she obviously didn't kill Caylee, has "been keeping a journal and she's spending the majority of her days writing," a source tells Radar Online.

"She has also been spending a lot of time going through her past journal entries and including excerpts she wants included in a book she wants to write."

Casey Anthony Diary Pic

“Make no mistake, Casey will absolutely be releasing a book, it's just a matter of time," the source adds of the infamous 26-year-old "Tot Mom."

"[Casey Anthony] feels that this is the only way that she can get her story out and she feels that the public wants to hear from her."

However, “the big publishing houses fear the backlash from the public and aren't lining up to sign Casey [though] she isn't concerned about it."

"Look, Casey has got bills to pay, she has to pay her lawyers. She has been unable to work for the past year, and she is counting on the book deal."

Meanwhile, Anthony's one-time attorney, Jose Baez, is releasing his new book, Presumed Guilty, next month through Ben Bella, a smaller-time publisher.

They're also publishing Rielle Hunter's book this month, in which she gushes about having sex with John Edwards, how his late wife was nuts, etc.

Ben Bella certainly represents some class folks.


My favorite comment was someone who said she framed Caylees picture and keeps it in her house, wtf? Then go on to say the way you handle Casey Anthony is by ignoring anything written or about her? Hmmmmm fail


The only thing one could hope to gain from a "whole book of mostly lies" would be an insight on how she fooled herself into thinking she is perfectly innocent in the death of her daughter, whether it was accident or not. If it were an accident, she is guilty of putting the child in situation where the "accident" could occur. Lousy Mom.


Casey Anthony is a pathological liar, sociopath, narcissistic, bipolar, schizophrenia little uneducated piece of trash. Baby Killer is delusional about killing her baby daughter. She will always be known as the Baby Killer that got away with it. Let me guess she found God so she is speaking out please. What did that interview cost with Piers Morgan? I do not believe anything that comes out of this Baby Killer has to say. All the Baby Killer wants is attention. She is not afraid of anything per her own friends. That is something her attorney’s made up and Baby Killer is going to milk it as long as possible.


Everyone wants to write books!
Don't buy anything relating to this case. None of it will be true.


Well if she didn't do it, why isn't she trying to find out who did?
I would turn over every last stone on earth to find out who killed my daughter. Yes I know, we all know the answer to this now don't we. Karma's going to get you Casey.


why is casey on celeb gossip???? I hope this girl is thrown out like trash just like her child,that would be news!


I hope that people know that casey is still a thief,she is stealing money legally now,she gets to live her beautiful life for free thanks to her daughter,it is sad that people actually support her,the ones who pay her bills,and the ones who will buy her book,sad but true,casey claims she didn't kill her child,but she did know her child was dead and let her child rot in the woods,that is sick,I do believe Casey will kill again because she got by and is still getting by,thank the jurors,and her family for this circus!


Anthony "feels the public wants to hear from her". Good Lord, she is still fantasizing! No, Casey the public wants you to go away. Have to laugh, she is incorporating "excerpts" she wants included in her book. You can bet these will also blatant lies which she is known for! Go away, Casey, get lost.


i framed a picture of caylee and have it in our home---------i was completely heart-broken about her.
i know the rage most of the world carries towards casey anthony and have vented publically and not very nicely about her---------the best thing now for me to do is ignore casey anthony and not read her books, see her movies and not to buy her attorney's book (that is the attorney who along with his staff should have been dis-barred over the handling of this case.
i wish casey nothing but the worst that life can bring someone. i want her parents to know that they were the best grandparents to caylee and hope they find peace in their lives. next to a little girl named lisa steinberg, who was beaten and abused continually by her step-father joel steinberg, and eventually died, i will never get the images of caylee and lisa out of my mind.


You got that right!