Carrie Underwood Supports Gay Marriage Based on Religious Beliefs

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Carrie Underwood is not alone in supporting gay marriage, but she's one of the few stars to say she does so because of her strong religious beliefs.

The "Jesus, Take the Wheel" singer, a devout Christian, told Britain's The Independent newspaper that for her, marriage equality is rooted in faith.

"As a married person myself, I don't know what it's like to be told I can't marry somebody I love, who you want to marry forever," she said.

"I can't imagine how that must feel. I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people that we want to love."

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Raised Baptist, Carrie recently switched to a non-denominational Christian congregation along with her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher.

You see a lot of religious objections to marriage equality, (like this hate-filled child), but Underwood said her faith inspired her to support gay marriage.

"Above all, God wanted us to love others," the Oklahoma-born CMT award winner said. "It's not about setting rules, or [saying] 'everyone has to be like me.'"

"No, we're all different," the 29-year-old continued. "That's what makes us special. We have to love each other and get on with each other."

"It's not up to me to judge anybody."

She makes a point, doesn't she?

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@ChristianGaySupporter...I believe you are the "hypocrite". You know as well as I do that homosexuality is abominable in God's eyes. It's in the Bible...ever crack that book open??? Christ said "Hate the sin, love the sinner". We are to love but not condone such behavior. You are simply twisting what a real Christian is supposed to believe and live by to make it fit your liberal ideas. What a phoney!


Obviously YOU 'christians' need a wake up call.God wanted us to love each other as we are.Not shun them because you don't like what they are no doubt a homophobe and hypocrite.and to people who said "he wanted Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve".then reason he did that was because they're needed to be more than one gender.and obsiously being gay isn't a sin.if it was God wouldn't have made Adam and eve with hormones.hormones are what makes you feel a way and its not a sin.stop trying to interpret things...cause you're doing it wrong.


They never realise ever that all of their stuff (the fame and glory and money) really only corrupts them. It's not for us to judge the world. G-d will do that in His time. But christians should admonish and correct one another. You cannot tell another how to live if they don't know Christ first. That's why you let governments be what they are in any case. The Church can merely speak out against immorality but it's our job to get people saved. This young lady who confesses to be a christian (did she?) should know the scriptures - or make time to get to know them as in study to show yourself approved.
Very few Christians who have made it to worldly glory has the courage to take a stand.


Readers should Google or Yahoo "Obama Promotes Public Sex." Great read!




it's the merely reason WHY you should not call yourself a Christian if you do not understand what Christianity means,"JESUS take the wheel" such a beautiful song, but i think Carrie is still not a solid Christian hence the reason why she said what she said...In the begining GOD made Adam, and he saw Adam was not happy, he took the bone off his side and create a woman to be with Adam, and then comes Eve, GOD did not create another man to keep Adam accompany, he knew exactly what He was doing..It is our job to judge, however, if you call yourself a CHRISTIAN, then you should know that you cannot agree with the sin...Wake up Carrie, if you are really a Christian, then be one and live like one, don't let the pressure of this world change the way you see life.Just remember- there is nothing He can not do, whether you are on the top of the world, He can take it off in the blink of an eye...Bless you...!!!


All you sinners rejoice, the Amoral Christians have committed sin by casting the first stone and judging. In there book it means that will see them all in Hell. Personally I'm going to Valhalla. So eat drink and be Merry


...continued... Abonmination meant "unclean" back then--not sin. Just as unclean as all Isrealite laws, such as eating pork. All evangelical and otherwise, narrow-minded Christians need a WAKE UP CALL.


DIVORCE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SIN TOO....yet, no one seems to have a problem with that....the bible says, it's alright to OWN slaves and ABUSE YOUR FAMILY. ALISA



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