Carrie Underwood Shoots Down Taylor Swift Comparison

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They may both dominate the country music scene, but Carrie Underwood wants to make one thing clear: she is no Taylor Swift. And vice versa.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz last week, the former American Idol champion took issue with any comparisons between the successful stars, saying:

"I feel like we're definitely completely different artists... I'm a little bit older than she is and I feel like our music's completely different and if anyone tries to make any comparisons they really haven't listened to either one of us."

Underwood added that Swift's songs are a "bit lighter" and the two simply have different brands, a point that's difficult to argue with. But whose music do you prefer? Select a answer/winner to that question now:

And the Winner is?

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Look at concert attendance and record sales. Says all.


Taylor! I think Taylor has worked a bit harder--in my opinion. She's worked up to get where she is now. Where as Carrie was on American idol. Just my opinion. Taylor swift rocks! Forever fan :D


Carrie, DUH!!


Totally TAYLOR SWIFT! Taylor has been with the music career her whole life since she was 12 when she started to write songs. Im not saying that Carrie isnt as good as Taylor but in my opinion Taylor is my favorite and a far better singer. And Carrie making that comment made my mouth fall open. Taylor knows what shes doing when it comes to music and Carrie saying that her songs are "A little lighter"..Thats just not true. Im with TAYLOR ALL THE WAY! And Im commenting this as a guest bc I dont have an account on here, I just randomly saw it.


Carrie has the most awesome voice and can sing anything and Taylor sings all her boring songs the same way.


I definitely prefer Carrie's. Her songs hold more depth and meaning (in my opinion) that I cannot help but listen to. Taylor's songs are all very much the same. Most talk about boys, princesses, heartbreak etc, which is FINE since her fans are mostly tweens and teens and they listen to stuff like that. I believe Carrie's answer about this on going comparison is very classy and well said. Both are totally different artists and should never be compared. It's like comparing Whitney Houston and Selena Gomez (for example). P.S. To all Taylor Swift fans and/or non-Carrie fans, please stop trolling and hating. The question is who you PREFER, not who is BETTER (because everyone knows the true answer to that). Thanks.


totally TAYLOR SWIFT. carrie's song are sounding the same... can i say borr-ingg but sh is very pretty. and her shooting down being compared to TAYLOR SWIFT isnt very classy and i thought she was better then that. TAYLOR SWIFT is amazing and her head is on stright and i love her for that instead of becoming a brittney or lindsey. its true that carrie has her head on straight too but shooting this down wasnt classy and so then TAYLOR SWIFT is absolutly better(: PLS COMMENT ON THIS!!!

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