Britney Spears, Adam Lambert Named Billboard's Sexiest Woman and Man in Music

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A formidable but unlikely duo, Britney Spears and Adam Lambert have just been named Billboard magazine's sexiest woman and man in music.

Agree? Disagree?

The X Factor judge and pop icon and the American Idol runner-up beat hundreds of musicians to the title in a just-released reader poll.

  • Awesome Adam Lambert
  • Britney Spears, Hot Dress

Britney was crowned the Sexiest Woman in Music with 45 percent of the vote, absolutely trouncing second-place Lady Gaga's 12 percent.

Beyonce claimed the third sport, with Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift also featured in the top ten, according to Billboard voters.

Adam Lambert, meanwhile, won the magazine's Sexiest Man in Music title, with Maroon 5 singer / The Voice coach Adam Levine in second.

Teenybopper heart throb Justin Bieber came third, just ahead of Enrique Iglesias, Chris Brown, Usher and Drake. Quite the exclusive list.

What do you think? Who are the sexiest man and woman in music?


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Adam has more class in his little finger than a lot of people, as evidenced by some of the ignorant comments on here. Adam is a very, very sexy man. I agree with the results of this poll.


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Lemme put my comment in language Adam Lambert would understand ----- "Guuurrrrl, this is just High-larious. Oh Snap!"


ROFL over the troll-fairy comment.


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So much jealousy and ignorance comes out when Adam's name is mentioned for any reason. I agree with the poll results and voted proudly for Adam. I used to think there was no such thing as a perfect man until I realized Adam Lambert existed. That was on January 20, 2009. My love for him is unconditional and always will be. I'm a Glambert Forever!!