Britney Spears, Adam Lambert Named Billboard's Sexiest Woman and Man in Music

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A formidable but unlikely duo, Britney Spears and Adam Lambert have just been named Billboard magazine's sexiest woman and man in music.

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    On Adam Lambert and Britney Spears/ yeh I had a dream about those two and they were last seen ice skating together at one of Adam Lambert's and Britney Spears one off concert show somewhre in Los Angeles california and they were also last seen holding hand in hand holding hands together forever so to speak! I saw them in the flesh so to speak and I was soooooooo there first and foremost and I left the show because I had my very own reasons to do so etc etc etc! so to speak again and again/ so thanx in a million u guys Adam Lambert and Britney Spears who have just been named sexiest male and female in Rock and Pop! so to speak once again/ So best of Luck Adam and Britney! you lady lambert forever!


    She needs a 14 inch salted Dial right in her nice ***** and her ass from New York with a little Beach salt touch ohh this Tranny would be prefect she would probbaly be clea ronth eCalifornia codes in a week.Ohh honey she ain't getting those Beach works code of meaning being cleared up like a 18 year old Virgin for liek a mili-second during unless she sent them a check for a million uhm.


    you have got to be kidding me. Adam Lambert got picked over Justin Bieber. something must have gone wrong all those guys are a 1000000 times hotter then gay boy. I mean seriously, Adam is chubby and fat and likes guys for christ sakes. what is happening to our world. I am just appald that acne face who sounds hideous and got picked over all these icons. wtf people wtf. Adam is not going to last long trust me. Tresspassing is all the fame he will get because people like him don't last long in this world. and let me tell you a quote from micheal jackson "it is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation....period"... and guess what people Adam copies like a B$@%H. thank you an goodbye.


    If eight pounds of hair gel and a bottle of black hair dye and three tubes of eyeliner and six jars of slathered-on pancake make-up along with ridiculous clothing make a "sexy man," I'd like to know who voted on this? They must have taken the vote at 10 PM on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California!


    Which one is the woman?




    Are you absolutely serious??; U call them sexy? White trash and fem boy, would love to see who the judges are.There way off balance just like there choices. GAG OUT!!!




    To all of those who are picking on Adam, stfu! You may have the right to have different opinions, and I respect that, but please show the same courtesy to those of us who AGREE that Adam is the sexiest man in music! Please, life would be so much better. I love Adam and Brittney! They totally deserved this from all of the CRAP they have recieved! Please respect my opinion and I shall respect yours! :)


    I dont understand why Hollywood Gossip has taken this story down while people were still having fun with it! Over 100 comments and its not even a story on presidential politics. You guys are such spoil sports. Please give us another outrageous story soon---please?

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