Bristol Palin Reality Show: Pulled From Prime Time, Replaced By Dance Moms Re-Runs!

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Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp is so unpopular, it can't even beat a RERUN of Dance Moms on Lifetime. So it's been pushed to 11 p.m., according to reports.

Lifetime will now be airing a new Dance Moms episode at 9 p.m. Tuesdays, followed by a repeat at 10 p.m. in Bristol's old slot, then Palin afterward.

The season premiere of Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp aired June 19 to abysmal ratings and worse reception from critics. It may be the worst show ever.

Bristol Palin Book Signing

It eked out a total audience of 726,000 viewers, many of whom probably hated it pretty bad, and a meager 0.2 rating in the key 18-49 demographic.

The show follows the daughter of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin as she lives in an L.A. mansion and volunteers for charity.

Bristol Palin also rides a mechanical bull and so forth.

She brings along little Tripp, of course, her son by Levi Johnston, who turned down money to appear on the show because it's too bad for even him.

What's more, Kyle Massey, Bristol's former friend and DWTS co-star, is suing Lifetime claiming he created the idea and was screwed out of the project.

You might not want to claim credit for this debacle, K.



GOODNESS, have you people really listened to yourselves? First, I dont have cable so I havent seen the show. HOWEVER, ratings being what they were she lost her slot. Im sorry Bristol but thats the gamble you take while being on television. Second, Another reason I dont have cable is because I dont want my daughters watching `teen mom` or the Kardashians. Third, race has nothing to do with anything. I do not feel that the country is trying to turn `brown`. BUT those are my opinions and luckly we live in a country where we can express them freely!


i love this show, its actually realy good!


I agree with that. This country and the media has no use for anything that is white, through and through. Society is on a mission to mix everything into brown. you cannot be popular or a celebretized unless you are dating someone of the opposite race or adopt a child of African nature. I guess it's the sign of the times. Whatever it is, you can see it and feel it. It is thick and it is insistent. Maybe it's NWO.


Bristol is an attractive,conservative white gal who loves white cock,so no wonder the media hates her.If she were a liberal,Kim Kardashian n-lover slut the media would love her and would kiss her ass.Levi Asshole is a faggot and didn't deserve this delicious pussy.


Sarah Palin has been given a bad rap. She is a loyal republican and loyalty is not something you can find easily. she sees Obama care for what it is (a pipe dream) and she's in tune with the public. Bristol could be a role model for America not like the liberal Kartrashians. Keep your head up Bristol and don't let the jealous writers come along and get you down. So many phoney people these days.


@toOtherWyatt-I bet your parents were cousins thats why you developed a huge fucken love for tedious bs


@Wyatt you need to come out of your fucken bubble.Pop)did it scare you?You are mentally off.


A so-called dumb person can always teach a smart one something.


I have never seen a faction get so much blame and credit as the Tea Party! It's like people imagine this big enormous vacuum that sucks up every human that is not on the look out! I would say that I am in the " TEA PARTY" part of the country yet I just don't actually see it! People and their paranoia! They are scared and they don't know why. Yet I think I would take tea party over a Black Panther Party! Or Wall Street Protest Party or a celebrity party with Movie Stars pretending they can relate to Americans! Sarah Palin spends limited time on the news for a reason. It's because she can't get more time. After the election there will be lots of new faces on both sides.


I love the show!!! Go bristol

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