Bristol Palin Reality Show: Pulled From Prime Time, Replaced By Dance Moms Re-Runs!

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Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp is so unpopular, it can't even beat a RERUN of Dance Moms on Lifetime. So it's been pushed to 11 p.m., according to reports.

Lifetime will now be airing a new Dance Moms episode at 9 p.m. Tuesdays, followed by a repeat at 10 p.m. in Bristol's old slot, then Palin afterward.

The season premiere of Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp aired June 19 to abysmal ratings and worse reception from critics. It may be the worst show ever.

Bristol Palin Book Signing

It eked out a total audience of 726,000 viewers, many of whom probably hated it pretty bad, and a meager 0.2 rating in the key 18-49 demographic.

The show follows the daughter of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin as she lives in an L.A. mansion and volunteers for charity.

Bristol Palin also rides a mechanical bull and so forth.

She brings along little Tripp, of course, her son by Levi Johnston, who turned down money to appear on the show because it's too bad for even him.

What's more, Kyle Massey, Bristol's former friend and DWTS co-star, is suing Lifetime claiming he created the idea and was screwed out of the project.

You might not want to claim credit for this debacle, K.



Kelly: BP asks for the crap and she's just getting what she asked for. She's an idiot without even 1 viable brain cell and that becomes increasingly obvious as the days roll on.


I can't remember watching a TV show that is worse. Even Sarah's show was more intelligent and it was a really stupid show. What an ignorant family. The poor kid doesn't have a chance but he will never know the difference since he'll be surrounded by morons. This show made me wish I was watching the Kardashian ho's and I really hate those stupid shows too. Bur idiocy is rampant in the US - I'm surprised more people didn't watch


honestly, the show didn't stand a chance with how much crap everyone gives her. i liked it and i wish it would stay on. it's a lot better than all the other filth that's out, but there's no way anyone of you guys were ever going to give her a fair shot!


I am so glad this show ended before they aired more episodes. I am tired of all these reality shows. Kardashians need to go next, actually they should of been gone long ago.


No one seems to be interested in her and her son with the weird name Tripp. In fact all of them in that family were given weird names.


Sounds like the "real" Wyatt has a cyber-stalker. Probably some maladjusted fool who is infatuated with the "true" Wyatt and is merely following him on every thread attempting to embarrass him and/or tork him off! The pseudo-Wyatt needs to get a real life and finally realize that being an obnoxious a**hole does not make him better or even acceptable. Instead, the fake Wyatt....maybe better defined as the Troll Wyatt has shown himself as truly the loser he is. So like--what did you accomplish, Idiot?!? Trolls are so annoying!


Figuratively speaking- you follow?


Truth is... That imposter Wyatt below me... He has always been under me in ever way. He is my bitch. He is infatuated with me. He even wants to be me because he has no life.


Wow so much hatred for Bristol, surprise surprise... I really don't have anything against her, so as for show I really don't think it was given a chance to catch on with reality tv fanatics. It must be because it's not "trashy" enough for people, no dramatic stuff. Just a young woman living her life with her son etc.... Well maybe she'll have better luck on another network or not, still there's no need to bash her.


I like dance moms ha :)

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