Brian Presley, Married Actor, Hits on Model; Melissa Stetten Live Tweets Adultery Attempt

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Tip for idiots looking to cheat on your wives: Make sure the model you hit on isn't posting every one of your douchebag comments LIVE for the world to read.

Actor Brian Presley, the star of Touchback, was humiliated on Twitter courtesy of model Melissa Stetten, who live Tweeted his attempt at adultery.

Apparently, Presley attempted to hit on Stetten during a red eye flight Wednesday, and she documented the whole thing, humiliating the actor.

Stetten Tweet

It's both hilarious and sad on so many levels, considering that Brian Presley is a devout Christian married for 10 years with a kid, and is supposedly sober.

Stetten tweeted that he drank three Heinekens during the flight, of course, among many other choice details that don't exactly help Brian's reputation.

Considering Presley plays a star QB in Touchback (with Kurt Russell) the botched football reference is as appropriate as it is moronic. Brian? Not smart.

Some of Stetten's more choice tweets appear below ...

  • "No thanks, Brian, the actor sitting next to me on this flight talking about his role with Kurt Russell and his spiritual beliefs."
  • "Brian has a wedding ring. I ask how his wife is, and he says he just wears the ring because he likes it. Right, Brian."
  • "Brian hates closed-minded people but loves artists in the industry, and just called this one-sided conversation a 'collabo.'"
  • "Holy SHIT! Brian just came back from the bathroom without his wedding ring on! Watch out Virgin America, real charmer on board!"
  • "Brian just said 'like us sitting here right now, talking about where we're from, it's like divine interception.' right, interception."
  • "Did I just ruin Brian Presley's life via twitter?"

Yes, Melissa, we're afraid you did. But we'd say it was worth it. Effing Brian ...

Stetten Tweet 2

UPDATE, 6/8: Brian has responded and denies this happened, claiming they met and talked but that's it. Follow the link for his side of the story.


he may or may not be a cheating azzhole but tweeting all this info is just childish she should have kept this out of the public eye. and even if its not a lie he could probably sue her for possible finantial damages if his career gets messed up because of this


Brian Presley had better watch himself. I once read somewhere (years ago) that his wife Erin has a VERY controlling, jealous and possessive streak inside of her. Also, this is probably not the 1st time that Brian has HIT DAT with another woman. And, it won't be the last time.


seriously ...who are you? Yeah lets tweet about this..what a loser mellisa get a life...oh wait you need to broadcast someone elses life to get a life...haha stupid tramp


Right. Dude lies about being married, then gets drunk and takes him wedding ring OFF in the bathroom, and the girl who calls him out on it is the tramp? come ON.


What man wouldn't flirt with a 22 year-old model he was seated next to on a plane? She's just mean.


I love the gigantic ego on this tramp. So desparate is she to push her zero career that she uses twitter to humilate an innocent family. All i read was a one sided account of what looks like friendly chatter twisted into something completely different. Get a life Melissa, seriously you're not all that.


Just read the whole chain. No way this chick is smart enough to set it up like that.


Virgin has wifi.


I'm curious, has anyone thought that maybe, possibly she's telling the truth. My goodness, why does everyone have to jump straight to "she's a liar". Regardless, it's a sad story either however you perceive it.


Hard to imagine it's fake, given the risk associated with deliberately fabricating this. If so, she's a walking lawsuit. But who would do that?

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