Brian Presley, Married Actor, Hits on Model; Melissa Stetten Live Tweets Adultery Attempt

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Tip for idiots looking to cheat on your wives: Make sure the model you hit on isn't posting every one of your douchebag comments LIVE for the world to read.

Actor Brian Presley, the star of Touchback, was humiliated on Twitter courtesy of model Melissa Stetten, who live Tweeted his attempt at adultery.

Apparently, Presley attempted to hit on Stetten during a red eye flight Wednesday, and she documented the whole thing, humiliating the actor.

Stetten Tweet

It's both hilarious and sad on so many levels, considering that Brian Presley is a devout Christian married for 10 years with a kid, and is supposedly sober.

Stetten tweeted that he drank three Heinekens during the flight, of course, among many other choice details that don't exactly help Brian's reputation.

Considering Presley plays a star QB in Touchback (with Kurt Russell) the botched football reference is as appropriate as it is moronic. Brian? Not smart.

Some of Stetten's more choice tweets appear below ...

  • "No thanks, Brian, the actor sitting next to me on this flight talking about his role with Kurt Russell and his spiritual beliefs."
  • "Brian has a wedding ring. I ask how his wife is, and he says he just wears the ring because he likes it. Right, Brian."
  • "Brian hates closed-minded people but loves artists in the industry, and just called this one-sided conversation a 'collabo.'"
  • "Holy SHIT! Brian just came back from the bathroom without his wedding ring on! Watch out Virgin America, real charmer on board!"
  • "Brian just said 'like us sitting here right now, talking about where we're from, it's like divine interception.' right, interception."
  • "Did I just ruin Brian Presley's life via twitter?"

Yes, Melissa, we're afraid you did. But we'd say it was worth it. Effing Brian ...

Stetten Tweet 2

UPDATE, 6/8: Brian has responded and denies this happened, claiming they met and talked but that's it. Follow the link for his side of the story.


I liked that. I am married and I would be humiliated BUT, better know everything than be treated like stupid. AND it's also a GREAT warning, better than "Fatal Attraction", that U SHOULD NOT CHEAT!!! IF u want to have lots of women, DON't GET MARRIED!!! IF u want to have lots of men, DON'T GET MARRIED!!!! IT's sooooo simple. And this goes to men and women. Be single, but don't cheat. Your bf, gf, husband, wife, children, etc does not need to pay for your INDECISION, weakness, and lack of character.


I don't believe a word of it & can't he like sue her for libel or something? I hope he does. I feel bad for his wife & his child. I agree with most people on here she wanted her name in the news but to do it this way & to ruin another person's life in the process is being beyond a bitch. If it's true she still went about it the wrong way-what was she thinking? Not about his wife that's for sure.


Shes discusting Ive been married to a cheater before BUT this woman is heartless! Wives always find out! IF its true? Shes totally mean. I hope she gets the same experience she giving his wife. What a twit she was totally getting off on it...if its true? I think HER character is suspicous.Is this really our business?


Who knows if she is telling the truth. Funny,how it get's her name in the news huh???


How can she prove this? can the stewardess who served him back her up? Did other passengers see this? I need more proof before I believe this. Could just be another case of someone trying to advance their rep by wrecking someone elses.


I honestly didn't know who either of these people were! LOL! I couldn't even find a decent pic of the "model" these tweets came from. That said, she cannot be sued in any way. Not even for defamation of character, since it did happen. His producers may never work with her on any projects though. But as I mentioned earlier, I don't see a lot of exposure up until now anyways. The guy messed up big time, and in todays information age, that is not a smart thing to do. As a guy, I can totally understand her motives. His wife trusted him, and he decided that wasn't worth keeping. Marriage is sacred. At least, to me it is.


Brian totally deserved this but I feel bad for his wife being so publicly humiliated. That poor woman.


I think she is GREAT! Wish more women wouod do that instead of just sleep with the married man. Hope his wife puts a serious leash on his arse.


I think she's hilarious. She didn't do anything wrong. Divine interception, what a complete asshole.


At least he has great taste as far as beer is concerend ;-)

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