Breaking Dawn First Look: It's Renesmee!

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Later today, and then especially in the pages of its latest issue, Entertainment Weekly will give Twihards their first full look at Mackenzie Foy in the mega important role of Renesmee.

But we couldn't wait that long to give readers a glance.

But Liking the magazine's Facebook page, THG has been granted access to the following photo, which features Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson shielding the young star from the camera... but we can still see her! Come on out, Renesmee, we won't bite...

It's Renesmee!

The final installment of The Twilight Saga will be released on November 16. So far, fans have been teased with a handful of character posters, along with one brief Breaking Dawn trailer.

UPDATE: Here is a closer look at Foy as Renesmee:
Renesmee Photo
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Shes not good for the part.. sorry they could have
got someone with a more " serious" face and she
is too old.....breaking dawn was the WORST movie
In twilight history... some of it was okay but a
Little disapointing.... hopefully this one dosent


How the hell did she give birth to that ?


omg they are so epic together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I TOTALLY LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!


I think she looks great as for part, but I think the whole Renesmee thing was incredibly stupid. It was just a way for Jacob to not be lonely for so long and to wrap everything up in a nice little bow. If a human ages, and a vampire doesn't, wouldn't it make sense that a dhampir would grow at half the rate, not like six times faster?


I think she fits perfectly and to be honest I think you guys should be happy for her. AT least she got the part!


I hate it, wayyy too old she is supposed to be a baby transitioning into a toddler.


i haven't read the book in years and i'm not even a fan anymore, and even i remember that by the time the Volturi arrived at the Cullens', Renesmee had developed to about the size and looks of a somewhere around a seven-year-old. that's the whole thing of her half-vampire half-human status. she developes extremely fast...


I agree with you she is way too old for that role in the movie they could have chose someone better


She's a bit old isn't she? Renesmee was like the size of a 2 year old, unless I'm remembering wrong.

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