Breaking Dawn First Look: It's Renesmee!

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Later today, and then especially in the pages of its latest issue, Entertainment Weekly will give Twihards their first full look at Mackenzie Foy in the mega important role of Renesmee.

But we couldn't wait that long to give readers a glance.

But Liking the magazine's Facebook page, THG has been granted access to the following photo, which features Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson shielding the young star from the camera... but we can still see her! Come on out, Renesmee, we won't bite...

It's Renesmee!

The final installment of The Twilight Saga will be released on November 16. So far, fans have been teased with a handful of character posters, along with one brief Breaking Dawn trailer.

UPDATE: Here is a closer look at Foy as Renesmee:
Renesmee Photo
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mackenzie foy.hai .i am ema melati .i like you in twitter and i like you in facebook...goodby friends ....from malaysia


Makenzie Foy is absolutely perfect for breaking dawn i cant wait to see Part 2 i just watched Part 1 for the second time! i think the preview should be longer so that way you get more of an idea of what is coming next in Part 2 i read the book for it and the Volturi comes back for Bella it is just like leave her alone and let her have a happy life with Edward and Renesmee because its like she never did any thing to the Volturi but i do think they kill Aro, Marcus, and the blond guy


This is to all of you people who are saying she is too old to play Renesmee.
What all of you don't realize is that they plan to use film editing technology to make Mackenzie Foy look younger in this film. Similar to how they made Brad Pitt look old as hell in "Benjamin Button..."


When Bella got passports for Jake and Nessie she had them issued for a five year old Nessie. I think Foy can pull off the role of a 5 year old.


I think Mackenzie Foy is lovely, how uncanny she has a likeness of Robert Pattinson her on screen father. Love the photo's of Rob and Mackenzie together, gives Rob a little training for the real stuff!!! I wonder if they will release the piano compostion which Rob plays to Renesmee in a scene together, the music is great, good on Rob for actually playing the piano in the scene. Breaking Dawn part 2 is going to be a winner for Summett Entertainment if fact it looks as though the movie will flaw a lot of Twilight fans. I read that Renesmee, when grown into a lovely young woman, falls in love with Jacob but I also heard that Jacob dies in this final installment. This movie sounds like it's going to be the most emotional film yet of the franchise. Can't wait untill November.


I agree with what everyone is saying about her age she is definitely too old to play Renesmee. I know that she grows really fast but by the end of the book she looks like a toddler. they said she would look around 17/18 in 6-7years so there is no way that she would look that old.


I Loved it and can't wait for the last one. I think she just fit in their fam.


jecob what role he played he cant find her love bella and all times
he safe bella but jecob bad luck for her !!!!!!!!!


I don't like it. She looks so old to play the role of Nessie. And i don't see a great change on Bella... So... !!!!??? Oh and Edward's hair is more brunet.. I prefer his first color hair.


i think she looks a little too old to be playin Renesmee they should've chosen someone slightly younger than she

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