Brandi Glanville: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bad Girl, or Victim?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville made quite the impression on the show when she joined the cast midway through its second season.

The controversial star insists that she isn't the "mean girl" on the Bravo show, but claims other cast members are jealous of her and she's actually a victim.

Glanville, Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife, has been partying hard during filming for Season 3 and raising eyebrows among the cast, particularly Taylor Armstrong.

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Brandi Glanville "is a very smart girl, and really turns on the waterworks," says a source, adding that she feels "Taylor is insanely jealous of her and making her life hell."

"Brandi is turning out to be one great actress because when the cameras stop rolling she is a different person. Brandi and Taylor both drink a lot when filming."

"Brandi says she is drinking to cope with all of the ongoing drama around her, but she is the one who is stirring it up, more than Taylor or Kyle Richards."

Jumping to Brandi's defense is Lisa Vanderpump, "who inserts herself into every situation. Lisa says she doesn't have time for the drama, or doesn't want to get involved."

"Yet Lisa always seems to be at the center, which she loves. Brandi was very smart to align herself with Lisa because she is so close to Bravo executive Andy Cohen."

Taylor had better watch out. Glanville recently revealed in an interview that she felt like she wanted to kill LeAnn Rimes at one of her son's soccer practices!


There is always 2 sides to every break-up. We hear her side. What's his side. Maybe he left her for someone else, because she's a ho.


All rubbish from either RHOBH crew/members or SleazeAnn Slimes herself. I think it's Sleaze as she always wants to appear to be nicer and sweeter and a better person than Brandi. She is sooooo jealous of Brandi maybe because she knows that Eddie REALLY wanted to stay with Brandi. Once she kicked him out he had nowhere to go but to SleazeAnn. Wish everyone would just get off Brandi's butt. She has enough to live through what with SleazeAnn's constant twitters about what a super "bonus Mom" she is to Brandi and Eddie's kids. Sleaze is so upset about Brandi's career doing better than her own failing career! Can we say it's ready to be flushed! Leave Brandi alone!


Leann Rimes because the day before posting the article, Radaronline wrote a nice glowing pieces about Leann jogging on a treadmill for an opening of a gym. Leann has a fan who apparently has stated on twitter that she has inside information about RHOBH because she is an intern at Bravo.


What a stupid story! What nitwit sold this line of bull to you?

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