Bored Facebook Users Tuning Out Site?

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Facebook's botched IPO might be the least of its problems.

Surveys say that while it remains the undisputed king of social media, a significant number of users are bored and tuning out the site these days.

According to a new poll by Reuters and research firm Ipsos, roughly a third of Facebook users, and climbing, are feeling increasingly "meh" about it.

The poll of 1,000 Americans also showed that 80 percent of Facebook users have never purchased a product or service because of an ad on there.

Facebook Boredom

Whatever advertising techniques companies are currently using to grab your cash simply isn't working, in other words ... not good news for Zuck.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that users between the ages of 18-34 were the most active, while just 29 percent of people over 55 are on it.

People who spend a great deal of time on the network are more frequently becoming victims of what the researchers call "Facebook fatigue."

This leads them to spend less and less time checking in with friends and browsing the profiles of their peers, instead turning their attention elsewhere.

What do you think? Have your Facebook habits changed? Do you use other social media platforms more now, and if so, which? And why?

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This is so funny! We were just talking about this at a ltitle league baseball game. ( Northeast Ohio.) We (4 different people) were commenting on how many chipmunks are around. I have at least 7 regulars this year and normally we have only one or two.


I very seldom visit Facebook any more it is very boring and most of my friends either don't have computers or have left it also. It would be better if you could go to different news feeds because my aquaintences are boring as hell and talk about things nobody cares about. They don't have the gift of gab and also just talk about the same old things everyday.


Yep just like MYSpace FaceBook will get boring and people will move on to something else. Ive moved on to YouTube, way more entertaining than FaceBook


Yes, I have definitely have hit Facebook fatigue and several of my friends have recently deactivated their accounts. I'll still go on occasionally to see what people are up to, but I rarely update my status or post comments anymore. I'm bored with it. And I've never purchased anything thru Facebook advertising.


all things run their course- as will this.