Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheridge: Married!

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Bobby Brown and fiancée Alicia Etheridge got married Monday.

Bobbi Kristina Brown? Not on hand for the Hawaiian celebration.

The R&B singer and ex-husband of Whitney Houston was surrounded by other family and friends, including his older kids Landon, 23, La'Princia, 22, and Bobby Jr., 19, as well as Brown and Alicia Etheredge's only child together, Cassius, 3.

Bobby Brown-Alicia Etheridge Wedding

The groom wore a red suit and Adidas sneakers ... obviously.

Bobby, who has been arrested numerous times over the years for suspicion of DUI, not paying child support and more, posted the photo of the wedding party.

The couple became engaged in a very public way in 2010, when Brown popped the question to Etheridge during a New Edition show in Jacksonville, Fla.

Brown has often credited Etheredge with giving him a new lease on life following his 2007 divorce from Whitney Houston, who passed away in February.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 19, Bobby's daughter with Whitney Houston, is "not on good terms right now" with her dad and was MIA, according to a source.

As for a honeymoon ... Bobby and Alicia, who is also his manager, will continue traveling with the New Edition tour, resuming June 23 in Oakland, Calif.!!!!

Congrats we guess.


To Soul4Real!! I applaud...I appauld...I couldn't have said it better myself. I am happy for the both of them. I have loved Bobby since I was a girl and loved Whitney since I was 12 when she had short hair(her real hair) I saw turmoil in the life they had but thru that turmoil I saw a different kind of love that they had for each other. I do agree that Bobbi Kristina will snap into it and realize that she's the only father she has...rather good or bad..He's making changes in his life...positive changes and his and true fans support Congrats to Bobby an Alicia!

Ms billie

Some of these people that post on here are totally friggin crazy. What's this bullshit "I know for a fact", none of you dumbasses personally know any of these people and unless you do and are spending time with them there's no way in hell you can honestly say that. Hell some on your closes friends may be doing drugs or drinking and you don't even know it, get a life damnit.




I wouldn't marry that horrible man if he were the last one a Planet Earth and that is a fact.


Good luck to her, she is going to need it. Not saying anything bad, but the women who are involved with him dont end up too good. I know that since Whitney died and well before that he has been sober, but more recently he was involved in a DUI. Its a challenge to stay sober as an addict, espically one as he who has lived his whole life as an addict. Yes Good Luck to her & her kids


Best wishes to him!


Who cares?


Congratulations to them both, may they spend the rest of their lives together with love, joy, peace and happiness. I hope Bobby has changed his life. This wedding photo is so beautiful, the children, the outfits they are wearing, Hawaii....


Yes, it's a well known fact that Bobby was a serial cheater and fathered a child with another woman while married to Whitney. It's old news, honey. He must have a big dick and really know how to use it. If my husband got another woman pregnant, I would Bobbit him.


That's his grand daughter standing directly in front of him (Landon's daughter).

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