Blue Ivy Carter Named Honorary Citizen of Croatian Island

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Blue Ivy Carter is quite the worldly baby.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's little girl, five months, has been named an honorary citizen of the Croatian Island of Hvar, where the pair vacationed last summer.

The tribute stems from a blog post Beyonce posted in March, and from a moment on the island that may well have inspired the little girl's unique name.

Blue Ivy Photo

"We woke up this morning, took a nice little walk, passed by this beautiful blue tree," the then-pregnant Beyonce shared in a video released on her blog.

"I think it's Blue Ivy, which would be quite appropriate!"

Tourism to Hvar has reportedly increased since the clip was posted; the island was even named as Lonely Planet's fifth best vacation destination in 2012.

Major Pjerino Bebic wrote in a letter to the family:

"The story of the origin of the name of your daughter has brought enormous attention and therefore tourist promotion to the town and island of Hvar."

"Because of this, I have decided to confer on your daughter the status of honorary citizen of the town of Hvar."

Congratulations, Blue Ivy!


Another UGLY baby!!! Jessica Simpson's is hideous too!!! I can't decide which is uglier! It's face looks alien like!


Thats a beautiful story.


Ridiculous to name a 5 month old that can't even speak yet an "honourary citizen". IT'S. A. BABY. PEOPLE. Wow.


Spare us the bullcrap. Just like the pregnancy being fake, i bet she bought the baby from croatia and that is the reasoning behind the retardation of this society.


But yhu have to realize it was never hers to keep. :(


If she is a little devil, she has no choice! Hopefully she finds her way out. She is a beautiful little girl and i hope she be saved just like her aunt solange. That might not go down though but this little child is in my prayers... i hope she may find peace and learns its not the way..... its probably just a rumor (illuminati) but it all just adds up TOO well but there are alot of sucessful people in the music industry that didnt have to sell thier soul. But yhu


Congrats Blue Ivy! So Beautiful :D


BLUE IVY - baby living under evil, the youngest of Lucifer.
I know you will have your choice someday but i hope you will be given a chance to be saved. hoping you will meet God-Jesus Christ and be saved. please read Illuminati


How can a person in the right state of mind sit there and write ugly comments about a little baby that can't defend herself? You people are some assholes that need help seriously... I think she's very beautiful.


looks like her daddy ugly

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