Betsy Brashear, Gym Employee, Arrested For Alleged Seduction of Teenage Boy in Tanning Room

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Oklahoma woman Betsy Brashear, 24, was arrested after allegedly luring a 15-year-old boy into a gym tanning room and attempting to seduce him.


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    kid must be a fag. hahahahahah this story is fucking funny as a nigger


    I would've been happy to get some...I'm sorry but thats every teenagers dream right there.


    she this woman is disgusting! this is not the first time she has taken advantage of someone to satisfy her lust for attention! She publicly had sex with my now ex boyfriend while in mexico just a couple months before!! He was so drunk he doesnt really remember but I have pictures of him passed out cold on the ground with her next to him looking completely lucid and holding alcohol if you would like them!! this woman has no morals and will do anything for attention!


    I'm going on record and saying that I coached with Betsy for over three years and never ONCE questioned her morals or thought anything negative about her. She is a fantastic, genuine person inside and out, and the people who don't know her personally need to shut their mouths and take a look in the mirror. If she had done what they accused her of, which I don't believe for one second that she did, then all of you who are without blame (aka, not a sinner with the rest of us) PLEASE, step forward and cast the first stone. Until YOUR WALK is blameless, you quiet yourselves and love everyone as our Savior calls us to do. We are called to be humble and gracious and I'm disgusted at the lack of it from this group.


    I agree with Samantha! If it was a 24 year old man, EVERYONE wouldnt have any doubt the he is a child predator, or attempting to rape the 15 year old girl.. Why should it be ok for a 24 year old women. She should be ashamed of herself for even having the thought cross her mind. Let along being caught in the situation!!! On her facebook legal defence fund group, she has that she is a substitute teacher.. So if she is teaching in a high school setting people are saying its ok for her to be caught in a situation like this with a student! I don't think so! I think this is a sick situation to say the least. She says the media is being one sided and doesnt tell her side of the story.. I don't care if this kid was promising you the world!!! You still know it's wrong... And wrong in so many ways! You should have enough of a mind and say No.. Instead of being caught half naked with a minor..


    too bad the media is one sided. she doesnt get to tell her story.
    facebook: Betsy Brashear Legal Defense Fund


    If that was a 24 year old man and a 15 year old girl, he'd be in jail for attempted rape right now. Nice double-standard we have in this country.


    Serves her right for kissing little boys. Just because you are female and pretty doesn't mean you get to kiss little boys like Jerry Sandusky.


    I dont know about gorgeous but some women are always looking for acceptance they want to feel young. She is a predator and will be put into a sex offender list.


    Why do our white gorgeous women do this?feel the urge to sleep with a minor.Need old fashin ladies again.

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