Bethenny Frankel Talk Show Clip: No Divorce Here!

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In a ridiculously contrived set-up that would make even Kim Kardashian blush, Bethenny Frankel has shot down talk of a divorce from Jason Hoppy.

The reality star does so in a just-released clip from her talk show, which debuts on June 11 and which features the former reality star sitting around with guests Kevin Nealon, D.L. Hughley and Mike Catherwood (Note to Kevin Nealon, D.L. Hughley and Mike Catherwood: Fire your agents.).

Out of nowhere, and totally unexpected/unrehearsed, Catherwood addresses Bethenny and asks her about chatter that she and Hoppy are over.

Watch her respond below and consider: if Frankel's talk show succeeds, we've failed as a nation, haven't we?


I consider Bethenny a breath of fresh air! I love her show, her straightforwadness and her honesty! I hope her tv show stays on the air as I would truely miss it if it were canceled!! Keep up the great work and never change being who you are!!


Considering that she is even worthy of writing about is pretty disasterous. Why are shitty people given any attention?


I wish her and Jason the best. She has been extraordinarily generous and forthright with her audience. I can't understand the negativity some have directed at her, unless they are just a teeny bit jealous! Successful women always generate a lot of that. Oh well...


I just love bethenny, brin,& jason i hope her show goes well, or what is ever best for her family


Considering that Basketball Wives and Bad Girls Club keep getting renewed, I think we already failed as a nation.


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