Barack Obama "Sings" Justin Bieber, Pleads to Be Your "Boyfriend"

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Barack Obama is back with another quasi cover of a hit single.

Following the President's version of "I'm Sexy and I Know It," along with his take on "Call Me Maybe," the editing gurus from BaracksDubs have spliced together fragments from various public speeches to depict Obama as a major Belieber.

The LMFAO and Carly Rae Jepsen videos have garnered over 27 million combined YouTube hits. But we have a feeling this one may top that figure on its own. Watch now:

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Stop hating on him just because he's BLACK!


@Isha, A great president? LMAO. Created jobs? We have the highest unemployment rate in 30 years, and that's not counting the million or so, illegal aliens, who meet the worst president in historys, criteria, to stay in the country, until Romney wins the election, and takes office, Jan. 2013.


The only tape showing Justin is gay


He is good at racking in donations because he is a GREAT PRESIDENT!!! He has created MANY jobs and helped the economy. Please stop hating and get over yourselves because he WILL get a second term. Eat cake haters!


Dub him, snub him, just get this fraudulent, clown, out of office. Romney for President.


This is just embarrassing.