Ann Curry on Today Show Ratings Slip: My Bad?

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With rumors swirling over Ann Curry's upcoming exit on The Today Show, a couple of poorly-timed incidents this week made life extra difficult for the NBC reporter.

First, there was the following caption, which ran underneath an interview Curry was conducting yesterday morning and which was meant to tease an appearance by Steve Carell - but which clearly, accidentally, also had a double meaning:

Ann Curry Today Show Photo

Then there's the latest cover of Ladies' Home Journal. It features Curry and the accompanying story finds her discussing The Today Show's recent ratings woes.

"It's hard not to take it personally," Curry tells the magazine. "You worry, Am I not good enough? Am I not what people need? Am I asking the right questions? When people say negative things or speculate, you can't help but feel hurt. I know NBC pays my salary but I have never doubted who I work for. I think about the people who watch. They're the ones who matter to me. I want to feel I haven't dropped the ball when it comes to them."

She seems like a nice, professional woman. NBC should really do Curry the favor of not dragging out this firing any longer than it has to.

Earlier this week, sources claimed Meredith Vieira was asked to come back to her old job, but turned Today down.


NBC has loss me as a viewer, they mistreated Ann when they brought Meredith and now blaming her for the rating. The problem is your programming. You hit on the news for 20-30 minutes and then it's all this off color stuff. I am not able to tune in at 7am forget news. I will greatly miss Ann, she is the most genuine person to me from a viewers perspective. I will truly miss her.


I'm with all you, I stopped watching today show due to so many changes of people I liked on there ann was the only one left I liked. Who ever does the firing and hiring is an idiot. News is all we want not anything else they never follow up on any news reports of abused children,kidnapped,murdered etc. An all children keep them in the news who cares about the rich an famous are also idiots. If you think they care about you u are an idiot too. Care about the hurt the poor the abused the murdered etc get a clue people no one is watching the average persons back. You all better wake up and do and care about the right things in this world. So ann don't cry be thankful of getting away from that place something much more rewarding is coming your way and u will look back and laugh at those fools at the today show. Fans u have many.


Wish I had a penny for the number of times the collective set of co-hosts use the term "cool." Moderately annoying. Imagine if it were Cronkite......or Huntley and Brinkley.......or Douglas Edwards? Anyway, I'll miss Ann. Great set of gams!!


:( I love Ann Curry. She is very professional and has a great personality. One of the reasons I watch is because of her. They are making a big mistake!


Today show is stupid - their rating problems have nothing to do with Ann Curry. They will discover this very soon.


Nothing left but CBS and PBS...I cannot believe that NBC is letting Ann Curry go. It's the last straw for me with that network, NBC's priorities are completely not mine; but then, ABC's are even less so; 'Good Morning America' is a self-promoting joke--more like a commercial than a program, it advertises all of ABC/Disney affiliated productions, none of which interest me. While Robin is wonderful, the rest of the cast wouldn't be missed if they never showed up again. They are all so hyper, laughing and chattering maniacally among themselves and I guess I don'get what's so "FUN". The obnoxious blonde from the gossip show, is particularily galling; she just lays it on.... It's obvious that somebody told the cast they needed to "interact" and that is what they do. Beyond lame to embarrassing.


Ann Curry was the only credible and dignified host left on Today. Why not just cut to the chase and replace with Jenny McCarthy and Rosie O'Donnel? May as well replace Matt with Jenna Hager Busch while you're at it. No one will be watching anyway.


I have stopped watching the Today show because I don't care for the format. I want the news, especially what is happening around the world and how it can affect the US. I dont want the cooking, how to grow a garden, or shopping tips. Perhaps new producers is what is needed. Ann Curry is not the problem. I always liked her especiall when whe was doing the news segments. CA


I love Ann Curry and I think it is complete bull shit that she is being blamed for the TODAY SHOW's downfall. Frankly, it hasn't been the same since Katie Couric left but that has nothing to do with Ann, its the format and the boring segments they have now. I agree with the first posting, they need to have more news worthy commentaries instead of keep up with the Kardashian (who gives a shit about those HOs, boring ass Kate Gossilyn and OMG if I hear one more thing about about the boy actor who had a heart issue, I mean really, there are a ton of other kids with issues that no one hears about because they aren't famous......They didn't give a shit about Trevon Martin shot by a grown up for wearing a hoody and being black in america


I cannot watch the morning news shows anymore. They have become all about fluff and entertainment, with very little news content. I'm sorry, but Kate Gosslin, the Octomom and the latest "American Idol" winner are NOT news. The Today Show has become a broadcast version of the National Enquirer, and what's sad is that it's what people apparently want anymore. The evening news, unfortunately, has gone in the same direction. The audience has been conditioned to want flash and entertainment above all else, and to believe that information is boring. The Today Show of Dave Garroway, Hugh Downs, Jane Pauley and Tom Brokaw was able to strike a balance between hard news and lifestyle issues, but those days are gone. I'll pass on the Today Show and its counterparts - give me PBS any day of the week!

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