Ann Curry on Today Show Ratings Slip: My Bad?

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With rumors swirling over Ann Curry's upcoming exit on The Today Show, a couple of poorly-timed incidents this week made life extra difficult for the NBC reporter.

First, there was the following caption, which ran underneath an interview Curry was conducting yesterday morning and which was meant to tease an appearance by Steve Carell - but which clearly, accidentally, also had a double meaning:

Ann Curry Today Show Photo

Then there's the latest cover of Ladies' Home Journal. It features Curry and the accompanying story finds her discussing The Today Show's recent ratings woes.

"It's hard not to take it personally," Curry tells the magazine. "You worry, Am I not good enough? Am I not what people need? Am I asking the right questions? When people say negative things or speculate, you can't help but feel hurt. I know NBC pays my salary but I have never doubted who I work for. I think about the people who watch. They're the ones who matter to me. I want to feel I haven't dropped the ball when it comes to them."

She seems like a nice, professional woman. NBC should really do Curry the favor of not dragging out this firing any longer than it has to.

Earlier this week, sources claimed Meredith Vieira was asked to come back to her old job, but turned Today down.


The Olympics coverage won't help the imploding Today Show. ABC will win there too! Those two with low morals, Swayback Savannah, with the poor posture; and Matt the Ratt who has cornered the market on the dull and boring, should both be fired immediately. Otherwise, Bell, Capus, AND the NBC Peacock will all be outside Studio A begging with a tin cup!


Swayback Savannah and Matt the Ratt are like peas and carrots, just like Forest Gump said! She took a married man from his wife while they worked together on assignment as journalists. Not only is Matt a Ratt, but he is a Hood Ratt to boot! Messing around on his poor wife with Alexis Houston, the alleged step-sister of the late and great Whitney Houston, co-worker, Natalie Morales to name only a couple of them. Shouldn't Capus and Bell know that the Swayback-Ratt duo is toxic? They will be the downfall of the Today Show double-handedly. Hello GMA!


I will Never watch the Today show again. I was totally shocked when this happened. Like one person wrote , She was the reason I watched the Today show for years. Really didn't care for Meredith Vieira but Katie left on her own doing. So we had no choice. I did like Gifford but don't you think if they got rid of Ann so quick it could happen to you? Loved Matt but if they needed a change they could have Dumped him.


What they did To Ann Curry was very distasteful and disgusting. She deserved the same amount of respect given to other departing co anchors. Ann isn't even the reason the show stinks. Quite frankly Matt Lauer is a bore to watch. The Show has lost base with it's viewers. The reason why I stopped Watching the Today show is because they are doing the same old played out segments. I love watching GMA because they quit trying to be like the Today Show and found a fresher and more relevant approach to appeal to their audience.


I feel NBC has ignored the obvious. Ann Curry was not and is not the problem. My wife, friends and co-workers have discussed Ann's departure and all of us are wounded. Ann is one person that rises to the top in sincerety and human presence. We will be leaving the Today show after 17+ years.


I have actually blocked NBC from our cable box. The disrespect shown to Ann Curry by that network does not warrant my time nor that of my family. The stories such as the constant attention on the Duggars made me totally bewildered. How those people could sit next to Ann on her final morning and allow that type of treatment to a family member was beyond unsupportive you as well need to examine your conscience.
Oh by the way Good Morning America is now our choice so ta ta to your Today show ratings.


Ann was not the problem. Dull guests, stupid cooking segments, uninteresting human-interest segments, and a revolting group of YouTube videos shown days after logging in a million viewers online. (Yahoo featured the same video a day before Today's segment.) Been there and done that on all counts. Fire the producers. I've stopped watching this dull parade. Ann got the rude brush off without even a farewell segment. Cheap and low-class treatment. I'm boycotting all NBC shows until the powers that be give Ann an apology for the shabby send off. Disgusting.


the today show has lost me as a viewer! Ann Curry was not only professional but kind, sweet and beautiful. I hope replacing a middle age, with a younger age, works for your ratings..but I think you may be surprised because us middle and older people are home to watch your show so we are the ratings.


Goodbye Today...hello Good Morning America! Steve Capus, you did this! Hope Steve Burke gives you the boot! Ann Curry is so dedicated, professional and oh yes...endearing!


The TODAY Show has lost it's class! Ann Curry was a genuine, class-act lady, who represented herself in an honest, caring format! There was nothing "fake" about her, and her outer beauty was reflected from within. It says something about NBC, to dismiss such a dedicated woman after 15 years with NOTHING. "Money" doesn't quite cover the appreciation that should have been expressed by the network. Matt should have been ashamed-----and was obviously more concerned about being politically correct with his own job, than expressing his loss over Ann. Sad day for morning TV. I am embarrassed for the network, and their total loss of class!

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