Ann Curry: On The Way Out of Today?

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It's looking more and more likely as if Ann Curry is on her way out of Today.

According to The New York Times, the co-host - who took over for Meredith Viera about a year ago - would essentially be the scapegoat for the long-running NBC program, which was topped in the ratings by ABC's Good Morning America for the first time in years this spring.

Ann Curry Photo

It's unclear if Curry would be removed completely from the show or moved to a different role, but newspaper sources say discussions are ongoing and a decision is expected to be reached prior to NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in late July.

If the ax does come down on Curry, Savannah Guthrie is expected to replace her.

Matt Lauer, meanwhile, recently renewed his contract and won't be going anywhere for awhile.


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@ Mary- See Willie Brown- Sam D. the liberal Newscaster- Morgan Freeman - Sean Penn- Samuel L Jackson etc. no- You are wrong! The only way to fight a group of disrespectful Race baiting individuals is to bring it right back at them. The fear of speaking of race is what lead to the Rep. Loss in 2008. We will not make that mistake again! It's a " Right Back AT'CHA" policy we are taking! Stick your head in the sand- only leaves your ass in the air to get kicked! It's is time to Full Court Press!


With all the racist remarks we are going to loose the election.Anger will persuade people vote democrat.


I grew up watching the Today show while eating breakfast before going to school. To say I've lost interest in recent years is an understatement but NBC/Today completely lost me as a viewer when Sara Palin was brought in as a guest host. Whoever allowed such a disgraceful and embarassing decision as having such a idiot to guest host, is the person(s) that should be fired.


I switched to GMA in January because I was tired of watching Ann. She just seems disingenuous and allows her bias to show through in her reporting. It was a disappointment because she waited so long for the post and I really liked her at the news desk.


Spike Lee gives out an Elderly Couples phone number on Twitter and that couple could have been murdered. Mike Tyson does a Radio interview regarding Sarah Palin as to how she needs her vagina pushed up in her - etc. These 2 Completly Pathetic Buckets of Shit are interviewed by Ann this week! I'm guessing on a map you would find " Low Standards" underneath that- 20 Feet of Shit" and right under that would be -NBC.


She seem sweet.TV ratings are low across the spectrum.We have internet.Stop the racist remarks.


Journalism has reached an all time low throughout. The loss of ratings for this show is not surprising. NBC - their credibility has been in question for a while. When you alter 911 tapes in regards to social issues & you show a lack of standards in regards to political reporting - in time the tide shifts because people hate to be lied too. Look at CNN and their ratings. These major news Networks will feel a backlash from the shady unprofessional traits they have displayed.


Asians do not look like journalist.


Connie Chung should make a comeback and replace Ann Curry