Ann Curry Leaves Today Show With Emotional Farewell Speech

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Having already confirmed her departure from Today, it was business as usual for Ann Curry as she began her final day on the NBC morning show.

The anchor's voice came on the air at exactly 7 a.m. EDT, informing about raging fires in Colorado, a new diet pill and Obama's health care law.

It wasn't until 8:50 a.m. that Curry got around to her farewell announcement. And what an emotional farewell it was. Watch her speech below:

Curry is expected to be named Today anchor-at-large, which she hinted at briefly in her speech, with Savannah Guthrie likely taking over her post.

Ann was fighting back tears even as she began, "This is not easy to say, but today's going to be my last morning as regular co-host of Today."

She paused as her voice cracked.

"This is not as I expected, to ever leave this couch after 15 years, but I am so grateful, especially to all of you who watch because Matt and I - and everyone who sits on this couch - we often call ourselves a family, but YOU are the real Today show family."

"You are why I have ventured into dangerous places and interviewed dictators and jumped out of planes and off of bridges and climbed mountains and landed in the South Pole and convinced the Dalai Lama to come live in our studio."

"I have loved you and I have wanted to give you the world, and I still do."

She said she'll get "a fancy new title," and "go all over the world and all over the county at a time when this country and this world needs clarity."

With increasing emotion, she went on:

"I don't even know if I can sleep in anymore after all these years! But I know whatever time I wake up, I'll be missing you. And I'll be believing in you. I love all of you, especially all of you who are behind the scenes, behind the cameras. I love you guys."

"For all of you who saw me as a ground-breaker, I'm sorry I couldn't carry the ball to the finish line, but man, I did try."

"And so to all of you who watched: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me touch yours. ... I will keep trying and I'm sorry I turned into a sob sister this morning."

"Please forgive me, but I hope you'll wish me well."

Are you glad to see Ann Curry leave Today?


I was disappointed to hear that Ann Curry was leaving the Today Show. I am a great fan of hers! It is hard to know what goes on behind the scenes, but I think NBC needs to look at other factors. I wish Ann the best!


The change needed was not letting Ann go. Too much hyping the network shows and too much becoming tabloid TV. I had found myself swithcing to GMA before. Now that's where I'll be. Ann was classy. She is a bright, refreshing face and presence. I hope another network picks her up, soon!


Ann was the show. Watch your back Matt. Who knows how many days you have left. But as long as you are part of the "boys club" I imagine you are safe for now....until a new "it" boy comes along. Here's rooting that Seacreast changes his mind and give you a dose of your medicine.


We also were on vacation, and it occured to me that I hadn't seen Ann - then Matt L. introduces his new co-host!! Dear ABC. What a huge mistake. You want new blood - get a good looking younger male blond!! I'd love to tell NBC - yea, ABC is breathing down your neck, and now they have overtaken you!! All the best to Ann. Today show? no more.


What are the producers thinking. I was absent for a week only to tune into the Today Show this morning and to my dismay no Ann Curry. I have watched this show for 20+ years and I can't believe the manner in which she was dismissed. If this is how a "family" treats their own I think I'll switch to CBS. Tina


I Can't believe you all fired Ann Curry yes the show needed a change but that wasn't it ,I will no longer be watching the Today show and I'm sad about that because I have been with you all for years .


I returned from a 3 week holiday to find that Ann Curry had been replaced by Savannah Guthrie. I was completely shocked. Savannah is my least favorite of the Today show team. Although obviously smart, she is awkward in both her demeanor and appearance. How in the world she was thought to be a replacement for Ann, who is gracious, compassionate, intelligent and beautiful, is incomprehensible. What a mistake. I have to agree with other comments about the women on the show always getting the axe. I will check out ABC for sure, now that Ann is no longer on the show. Good luck Ann in your new position. You are so much more than the Today show.


My feeling are mixed. Ann has a wholesome persona, which gave the show a dose of reality. Savannah is a shark in a dress and can be relentless, not a sweetheart personality. If anyone has the chops and drive to bump off Matt, it will be Savannah. MARK these words!


I really enjoyed Ann's work on Today. Mr Lauer has never impressed me...too full of himself...arrogant. I'm sure I'll watch less of Today in the future. Good luck Ann. Love you.


Yes, the Today show needed change but should have gotten rid of Matt! He's needed to go for years. Blame him for the poor ratings. I mean I the only one who's sick of 'Where In The World Is Matt Lauer'? He needs to be anywher in the world other than the Today Show. I'm switching to GMA!

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