Ann Curry Leaves Today Show With Emotional Farewell Speech

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Having already confirmed her departure from Today, it was business as usual for Ann Curry as she began her final day on the NBC morning show.

The anchor's voice came on the air at exactly 7 a.m. EDT, informing about raging fires in Colorado, a new diet pill and Obama's health care law.

It wasn't until 8:50 a.m. that Curry got around to her farewell announcement. And what an emotional farewell it was. Watch her speech below:

Curry is expected to be named Today anchor-at-large, which she hinted at briefly in her speech, with Savannah Guthrie likely taking over her post.

Ann was fighting back tears even as she began, "This is not easy to say, but today's going to be my last morning as regular co-host of Today."

She paused as her voice cracked.

"This is not as I expected, to ever leave this couch after 15 years, but I am so grateful, especially to all of you who watch because Matt and I - and everyone who sits on this couch - we often call ourselves a family, but YOU are the real Today show family."

"You are why I have ventured into dangerous places and interviewed dictators and jumped out of planes and off of bridges and climbed mountains and landed in the South Pole and convinced the Dalai Lama to come live in our studio."

"I have loved you and I have wanted to give you the world, and I still do."

She said she'll get "a fancy new title," and "go all over the world and all over the county at a time when this country and this world needs clarity."

With increasing emotion, she went on:

"I don't even know if I can sleep in anymore after all these years! But I know whatever time I wake up, I'll be missing you. And I'll be believing in you. I love all of you, especially all of you who are behind the scenes, behind the cameras. I love you guys."

"For all of you who saw me as a ground-breaker, I'm sorry I couldn't carry the ball to the finish line, but man, I did try."

"And so to all of you who watched: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me touch yours. ... I will keep trying and I'm sorry I turned into a sob sister this morning."

"Please forgive me, but I hope you'll wish me well."

Are you glad to see Ann Curry leave Today?


I couldn't believe that you let Ann Curry go. Huge mistake. She is a voice of reason, and while I'm on the subject, her voice is not grating, like your recent hire. Viewers are leaving The Today Show at record numbers because it is no longer the news we need to hear in the morning when we are getting ready for work. it is only the "news" you think we want to hear. There's a difference. I suggest you tune into The Newsroom and watch a few episodes. I'll check back with you in a month or two and see if you figure it out.


Cont ... more daily international content, less advertising, less "coming up", and more quality hosts like Anne Curry).


I was very upset when I heard Ann Curry was let go from the Today Show. She is an inspiration to all women. How could NBC do this to a loyal employee. She gave 15 years of her life to a network. I felt the Today Show got better with Ann Curry as co-anchor. Is Matt Lauer really behind her getting fired. I really don't even want to watch.
What about her team? Al and Natalie? Why didn't they console or defend her? It just goes to show everyone is worried about their jobs and could care less about friends. A agree with Howie Mandel,"Bring back Ann Curry!"


Shame on you NBC. Not a problem to switch to GMA. Much better format. With Today you wait forever to get to a gets tried of hearing, "Coming Up Next.....," and then wait and wait and wait. A great additional to Charlie (who is probably one of the most informed persons on TV)and the rest of the GMA crew would be Ann Curry sitting at the table with them. TODAY if so over for so many of us viewers.


Shame on you NBC! I watched the show because of Ann Curry and the other classy ladies on the show. I certainly did not watch because of Matt Lauer. He is an arrogant and self righteous person. I did not have to work side by side with him to pick up on that. He is sooo not a man's man. I sure am glad I don't have to sleep with his kind of conscience. Oh, wait.. he doesn't appear to have one!! Never mind. What comes around goes around!


Ann Curry was the reason we watched the Today Show. We now watch Solodad O'Brian. The reason the Today Show is slipping in ratings? When your top story is Tom Cruise or Lindsey Lohan, it's NOT news. Today Show programming is awful. Savannah Guthrie was certainly shoved down the throats of viewers; surprised they didn't show her valedictorian speech. Matt won't be upstaged by her. The only downside- we miss Al.


So do you think you made the right decision NBC? In case you are wondering you missed the boat on this one. CBS has you beat on all points.


Poor decision to fire Ann Curry. As one of millions of women who have been similarly treated, I can empathize with Ann. I'm so sorry I won't be seeing her every morning. She is indeed a class act. I'm going to go visit Charlie Rose now, for coffee.


I tuned into the Today show because of Anne. This is unbelievable.She did a great job - I don't think I'm interested in the program anymore, especially if Matt is in charge! Good Luck Anne, you will be missed in my mornings.


I watch the today show every morning and it is because of anne curry. She is a talented couragous high spirited women who has a lot of style and class. You replace her with Savannah Guthrie who has no personality and would be the last person whom I would choose. Anne I wish you all the best in your future ventures, You are the best!!!! As for the todays show good luck with your ratings because you just lost me as a viewer.

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