Ann Curry Firing to Cost The Today Show Millions

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If/when Ann Curry gets fired from Today, it will cost NBC a pretty penny.

Actually, many pretty pennies. More pretty pennies than a celebrity gossip website knows how to count.

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Network insiders tell TMZ that Curry is definitely a goner next week, and that the ousting will cost NBC close to $30 million because the co-host signed a long-term contract in 2011 that guarantees her $10 million/year.

That number ought to soften the blow, huh?

Curry is also rumored to become a foreign correspondent for NBC News, a capacity that will involve... who cares?!? $30 million?!? YEESH!

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Baaaad/stupid move on NBC's part letting go of a talent like Ann Curry. Arrogant and hyper Matt Lauer should have been NBC's choice for dismissal. Now the Today show appears like a who's who of cheerleader captains, their obvious choice of demographics are the still loyally inconsistent 20 somethings . . . and they gave up Ann for lecherous, poor sport Matt Lauer.
Good Morning America, make way for another viewer, my TV dial will be forever changed!!!


Im very disapointed in the Today show & the powers that be,they should probably watch theeir backs the today show could boot them next Alot of viewers liked Ann Coury, especially ue west-coasters, I for one wont be watching any more.


Thanks NBC. Since you fired Ann Curry I have discovered how good "Good Morning America" is and also enjoy CBS now. Can't believe you used such bad judgment in letting her go!


Ann Curry is/was a down to earth classy lady. She is in touch with her humanity and I will no longer watch Today after years of being a fan. Shame on the powers that be.


If they were going to fire someone it should be Matt Lauer, he thinks he is a step above God. Most people think the show would improve if he left and took all the YOUNG women with him, age carries, caring, tact and responsibility. I will now be an ABC fan.


falling ratings....certainly not Ann Curry's fault. My husband and I have been saying for a long time the show has been going downhill! Only Ann with her professional journalism was the bright spot. No room for Ann on the couch with Matt and his ego sitting there! Shame on nbc...GMA, here we come!


I don't care how many jets you put Savannah in(this mornings show), she will never be an Ann Curry.Shame on you NBC and Matt you need to get your ego in control.


Very disapointed at the termination of Ann Curry. One CLASSY ACT, since her days at the news desk. Good luck and God Bless. She brightened my mornings.


I miss Ann Curry, and only realized after searching online that she was fired. I looked forward to her intelligent and caring reporting, and the Today Show is not the same without her. I will be tuning in to GMA for my morning workouts.


I agree with all the other comments, Ann Currie was a real asset to the today show. I have watched a couple of shows since her departure and I was very disappointed in the show. Savannah does not bring a quarter of the excitement or electricity that Ann did. I will be another one who changes shows now, even tho I do like Al Roker and preferred the Today Show when Ann took over.

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