Ann Curry Firing to Cost The Today Show Millions

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If/when Ann Curry gets fired from Today, it will cost NBC a pretty penny.

Actually, many pretty pennies. More pretty pennies than a celebrity gossip website knows how to count.

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Network insiders tell TMZ that Curry is definitely a goner next week, and that the ousting will cost NBC close to $30 million because the co-host signed a long-term contract in 2011 that guarantees her $10 million/year.

That number ought to soften the blow, huh?

Curry is also rumored to become a foreign correspondent for NBC News, a capacity that will involve... who cares?!? $30 million?!? YEESH!

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I miss ANN also I Was flipping channels wondering where she was,another GMA fan


Disappointed in the Today Show for letting Ann Curry go. I found her cheery personality refreshing over the flat-line personality of Matt Lauer. He appears to be on a quest of surrounding himself with beautiful young women to get good ratings. I've watched the Today Show since the 50's and he is the most arrogant of all the anchors to date and he had to work hard to beat Bryant Gumbel! You need more people Al Roker. People we Americans can relate to. I will miss Ann Curry, however, I will be watching GMA from now on, a show where they all seem to genuinely like each other.


Will be switching to gma too. Only watched to see Ann Curry and Al .


No more today show for me. Unless Ann comes back!


Had to google to find out why Ann Curry was not on the today show
very disappointed with NBC's decision. Ann was a class act I only watched because of her and Al Roker. I will switch to GMA along with many others. I am done with the today show and Matt Lauer's ego. Look to see Ann doing great things elsewhere.


Liked Ann Curry, but her choice of style sometimes was a little oldie for her. The colors she put together and the flowers and different things she had on her clothes to me wasn"t a good choice for her position on TV, i hated to see her lose the job, but for her, there r better things.


Personally, I don't know how she got that job in the first place. She was a good journalist but too soft for that job and not funny or entertaining either. Sorry for setting her getting jerked around but glad the show let her go. Its improved quite a bit since she left.


NBC please count another viewer moved to GMA. I had been a very loyal viewer of TODAY (over 35 yrs). No longer! When you think a whinny immature acting woman (Savannah) will appeal to adults, think again.


Hey NBC: Now that you've fired Ann Curry, check GMA's ratings to see how much they've improved. Shame on you for treating such a caring, classy, compassionate and dedicated professional so callously!!


Matt Lauer has got to go. I am tired of his ego, and how condescending he is. Funny how all the viewers don't agree with what the NBC management team decided on, but yet its the viewer ratings/statistics that attract the advertisers and generate the revenue. So, I guess we, the viewers don't matter to NBC afterall! After 20 years of watching The Today Show, I have already moved on to GMA. Ann, things happen for a reason, your future is bright, your fans love you. Is there any way you can jump ship like the rest of us? You were the best. Can't wait to see you back somewhere soon.

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