Ann Curry Firing to Cost The Today Show Millions

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If/when Ann Curry gets fired from Today, it will cost NBC a pretty penny.

Actually, many pretty pennies. More pretty pennies than a celebrity gossip website knows how to count.

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Network insiders tell TMZ that Curry is definitely a goner next week, and that the ousting will cost NBC close to $30 million because the co-host signed a long-term contract in 2011 that guarantees her $10 million/year.

That number ought to soften the blow, huh?

Curry is also rumored to become a foreign correspondent for NBC News, a capacity that will involve... who cares?!? $30 million?!? YEESH!

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I miss ann. i no longer watch today show.nbc said its all about the ratings so i started watching gma.


My wife and I no longer watch today. NBC and the Today Show treated Ann horribly for all that she has done for that show and network. We've been watching CBS This Morning and WPIX. They are good alternatives in NY. The execs don't understand that Ann Curry was what was "right" with the show, not Matt. We've also written the TODAY SHOW's biggest advertisers, TOYOTA and PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE to voice our displeasure. Advertisers don't want people to stay away from their products because they are spending money on advertising. That's why they have people policing the blogs to dissuade people from writing and to protect their reputation. Let "TOYOTA" and "PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE" know what you think of NBC and how it will MAKE YOU NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. Don't be surprised if there is a post after this one telling you it won't make any difference to the advertisers. That's where the money comes from.


You blow it! Bring Ann back!


Matt should have been the one to go. I don't care now because I'll be watching GMA. Anne was the best part about that show.


fire mat bring ann back and apolize to her shes the only reason most men watch the show.


I've watched the Today Show going all the way back to Dave Garroway and Jack Lescoulie. It's not hard for the viewer to see what the host of the show is really like as a person. Ann Curry is a lovely warm individual that would brighten up any situation in which she appears nd by contrast Matt Lauer and his ego is a collosal turnoff. I would think that Ann Curry must be relieved to get away from him and his obnoxious demeanor. NBC has made a collossal error in taking her off of Today; for her sake I wish her the very best and hope that she soon finds another spot where the network involved recognizes the gem that she is and backs her 100%. Like so many others have said it's now GMA for me!!


I loved ann curry . what nbc did to her is so wrong. ann is a class act now and always will be. she is very sincere . it shows in every interview she did. not always true about Matt. how sad that he did not go to bat for her. i will miss her . today is not the same show for me now. cannot condone what they did . it was wrong. people treating people badly. I love ann curry. a big fan of her because of her heart. i always loved any special she did on dateline, because of her sincerity.. YOU GO ANN!!!!!!!!!!


Missing the Dynamic-serene and comforting personality of Ann Curry...Love the timber of her voice too,love her very gracious and sincere camaraderie--- She is a very innocent-honest person who thinks good of everybody...but so, down to earth and had a great heart, and great connection to us her viewers and followers


Ann Curry was a great asset to the today show and she is missed terribly. Sadly, it does not surprise me that her elegant presentation was not appreciated--just look at the deplorable shows that have gained popularity in this country. I only wish we had many, many more Ann Currys.


Shame on NBC for letting go of such a compassionate and Real commentator they had with Ann Curry, Never been a fan of Savannah Guthrie. She comes off as a very abrasive and confrontational.Her whinny voice made it very easy for mr to switch over to GMA. Josh, Robin and George really seem to enjoy each other . An easy switch

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