Ann Curry Firing to Cost The Today Show Millions

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If/when Ann Curry gets fired from Today, it will cost NBC a pretty penny.

Actually, many pretty pennies. More pretty pennies than a celebrity gossip website knows how to count.

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Network insiders tell TMZ that Curry is definitely a goner next week, and that the ousting will cost NBC close to $30 million because the co-host signed a long-term contract in 2011 that guarantees her $10 million/year.

That number ought to soften the blow, huh?

Curry is also rumored to become a foreign correspondent for NBC News, a capacity that will involve... who cares?!? $30 million?!? YEESH!

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I'd much rather see Ann doing serious reporting on Nightly News than all the foolishness she has to participate in on Today. I hope she laughs all the way to the bank.


Ann is being uses as a scapegoat. the real problem is that asshole Matt Lauer. Arrogant doesn't begin to cover him. He bullies and steers people into saying what he wants them to say. they have brought in more women to deflect attention away from the real problem from diving ratings is Matt Lauer and the way NBC is using the show for political promotion.. The TODAY SHOW is a political tool under the guise a MORNING NEWS SHOW. Bull shit. I saw through NBC"S crap a long time ago. You can almost predict how every interview will go. Good Morning America is more real and believable. If they get rid of Stephanopolous, then it won't stink of politics. the only real people on the TODAY SHOW worth watching are ANN, Willard, and Al.


Her personality was more important to project than the news which I found quite annoying. Interviews were quite obviously slanted and most would say to the left, but mostly slanted to make her look good at the expense of the guest. Highly unprofessional. Glad she's gone. Word to Matt- you too are not bigger than the news. Be careful how you slant interviews, too.
We viewers do vote with our clicker and through the advertisers.
Charlie Rose & Co. seem far superior in delivering their product professionally.


FIRE THE LAWYERS AND THOSE THAT HIRED THEM! It is hard to believe that any lawyer would permit a client to sign such an agreement without a buy-out clause. These guys must have gone to Harvard.
Get a guy who went to Brooklyn Law.


So disappointed with NBC!!! Wont be watching the show anymore!! i am switching to GMA!!! I like Ann Curry!! Its just an injustice what they are doing to her after being on that show for a long long time and after bessing passed for Meredith.


Never seen the show but i would let you pay me you d enjoy this hot Irish bullhorn..gitty up..


well I know I'm not watching the today show anymore


Good luck, Ann. Millions are not as lucky as you are in terms of being a rich unemployee-to-be.


Ann follows the NBC protocol of the Obama network like Matt and other, so I am perplexed why she is being removed. Maybe the viewers are tried of the liberal slant of how news, interviews, guests are presented, always a complement to the left, disingenuous fast talking interviews of anyone on the right. I think some have gone away to cable.


Wstching her is about as interesting ad watching paint dry.

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