America's Got Talent to Edit Timothy Poe Footage, Howie Mandell Livid with Fake Soldier

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Heading into this season, America's Got Talent assumed the hiring of Howard Stern would be its most controversial move.

Then Timothy Poe happened.

The contestant is under major fire for lying about his experience in Afghanistan, as Poe claimed during his audition that he suffered a brain injury from an explosion in 2009, but he has no evidence of this occurrence and the photo he provided to AGT of himself in combat has been debunked as someone else.

But Poe did move on to the next round and is scheduled to be featured in Las Vegas next week. What's a reality competition to do?

TMZ says producers will "definitely" edit down footage a bit, but it's unclear whether they will axe Poe altogether.

"I was blown away that I was totally taken in," Howie Mandell says of the act. "I'm really angry with the guy."

What do you think America's Got Talent should do? Should Timothy Poe be disqualified?


Poe lied and should be disgraced, but he is not the only one to blame. America's Got Talent should share a portion of this blame game. They did not check out the story they forced it upon its viewers. Is it so shocking that someone lied about having a "woe is me" story for a million dollar prize? I am tired of of the "biographies" preceding some of the acts, and even more tired of the "poor me" stories. I enjoy watching the talented acts, but weary of their having to have a sob story to get recognized. By the way I am not against helping those in need (I felt it needed to be said). This is a talent competition. What a shame that having a happy life with a well adjusted family is no longer recognized as something in which we should take pride. I have started to Tivo this program so that I can skip through the nonsense. If America's Got Talent insists on padding its show with its tributes, they should at least be responsible enough to make sure the stories are valid.


he's a sick guy for lying about such a sensitive issue. but it just highlights public opinion that you only get a shot in these talent shows by having a sob story

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