America's Got Talent Recap: Bigger in Texas?

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America's Got Talent rode into Texas on a bull last night, hoping to lasso in a few winning acts. Who did Sharon, Howie and Howard find? Read on for a full rundown...

Nick Cannon on a Cow

Bandbaz Brothers - The Iranian Acrobats already have the Vegas spirit since they lived near the area. While I wished the ladder was more impressive, the act itself was amazing to watch as the younger of the two wobbled to keep his balance. Age will clearly be a factor as the older one couldn't really hold on as well as he could have five years ago. Still, the routine was impressive and I could see how adding some extra shine, lighting, and dramatic music could make it a contender on the show. There was oddly the perfect counterbalance of two female contortionists that were almost too perfect and it looked easy.

Joe Castillo - The Sand artist was really cool but there was something a little bit off about watching him. The imagery was beautiful and since it's the first time I've seen it, I'll give him some credit. The next time we watch him in Vegas, he better up his game and think of something that doesn't just play the patriotic card.

David Smith Jr. - The Human Cannonball's story sounded pretty scary: broken legs and a father with a broken back. The weather didn't seem to be helping his cause because of the rain and possible CGI lightning. I give him tons of credit for going while it was raining. It was silly when they considered shooting Brittany out of a cannon on Glee, when her dummy demo burst into a billion pieces, but it was epic for a guy to really do it. His wife mentioned that the rain caused the netting to be a bit springy and he could have hit the ground even with the netting. What else are you going to do with this act though?

Average Tacos
El Charro De Oro - Sebastien De La Cruz was the head of the mariachi band and while he introduced his band in the beginning, we never got their name again. I liked the performance, but I have to admit how niche the group is. Consider the fact that the Grammys limited the Tejano category that I'm not even sure how many mariachi bands get exposure outside of Spanish groups. We have to think of this on a Vegas scale. A full Mexican explosion of culture where mariachi was one element could be watchable, but by itself it needs more to be dynamic.

Tim Poe - There's something very endearing about the stuttering singer and war vet. You want him to succeed, which is perfect for a reality show like this. I'm happy to see that his voice doesn't stutter while singing, but I only find his vocal skills to be average at best. The song was a perfect fit for his story, but his pitch left something to be desired.

Empty Piñatas
LuLu - After Stephen Retchless brought the pole dancer up to a classy level, LuLu brought it back to the streets. I think the best part was the screeching sounds that she made. I give her credit for climbing the thing and doing a closing drop-split. Her audition was one of the few times I didn't mind Nick hamming it up with contestants.

Howie's Singing - Thankfully we aren't judging him.


トリーバーチ バッグ カシオ エクスワード


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Considering Tim Poe has endured a HEAD INJURY he sings a hell of a lot better than average!

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