Amber Portwood Sentenced to Five YEARS in Prison

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Amber Portwood has been sentenced to five years in prison after throwing in the towel on rehab and asking an Indiana judge to reimpose her sentence.

Guess he took her request to heart.

Portwood had been on probation following a December drug arrest, but was jailed for contempt of court this spring after failing to show up for a drug test.

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Portwood was in court when the judge reimposed the sentence of five years in prison. Her attorney asked for leniency, but the judge was unmoved.

Not that he had a choice, he said. Due to her relapse, he said he had no choice but to enforce the terms of her plea agreement from this winter.

Portwood's five-year prison sentence was previously stayed on the condition she complete a drug rehabilitation program. That did not happen.

The Teen Mom train wreck lied about a medical condition to get out of drug testing, then gave up on rehab and asked to go to prison instead.

The judge said he would refer Amber to the Indiana Department of Corrections therapeutic community program - incarceration-based rehab.

Amber Portwood will be given credit for time served in jail, which is considerable, but nothing approaching five years. See you in 2016 or 2017 girl?

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What a downward spiral she took! Its too bad she doesn't seem too concerned about how negatively this will effect the rest of her life. Does she not have any adults in her circle? :(




Best thing that could happen to her kids. This program should be taken off the air. Every airhead slut thinks they can get on there and make big money for being...a SLUT. Jail time for all would be best for them.


HANG THE WHORE!!!! Bwahahahahaha...


stupid stupid girl... her poor daughter :(


This is crazy. I agree she needs help but my husband got 18 MONTHS for domestic violence with a record as long as a sheet of paper.


Where's Lindsey!


This is why don't watch it at all ..... I though the first episode of teen mom will wake up girls but I guess it didn't....all of this girls thought they boyfriend will stay. With them just because they have a child, yeah right....she deserve it...she should of think about her child her little girl...this girls after the 1st teen mom jut wanted to be on TV that's how I see favorite was the forts teen moms because at least they act like grown favorite is always be Macy she did and she still doing an amazing job....and I think everyone in first teen mom. But Amber she just don't give a damn about anything ...and yes just like jennelle..


kinda feel sad for her in a way but in away she needs to get help for her drug problem and focus on herself...good luck amber and please get some help for your daughter you dont want her to see you in jail would ya.


Hahahaha!!! Now if they could only put Janelle in jail for 5 years!

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