Amber Portwood Sentenced to Five YEARS in Prison

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Amber Portwood has been sentenced to five years in prison after throwing in the towel on rehab and asking an Indiana judge to reimpose her sentence.

Guess he took her request to heart.

Portwood had been on probation following a December drug arrest, but was jailed for contempt of court this spring after failing to show up for a drug test.

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Portwood was in court when the judge reimposed the sentence of five years in prison. Her attorney asked for leniency, but the judge was unmoved.

Not that he had a choice, he said. Due to her relapse, he said he had no choice but to enforce the terms of her plea agreement from this winter.

Portwood's five-year prison sentence was previously stayed on the condition she complete a drug rehabilitation program. That did not happen.

The Teen Mom train wreck lied about a medical condition to get out of drug testing, then gave up on rehab and asked to go to prison instead.

The judge said he would refer Amber to the Indiana Department of Corrections therapeutic community program - incarceration-based rehab.

Amber Portwood will be given credit for time served in jail, which is considerable, but nothing approaching five years. See you in 2016 or 2017 girl?

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i feel bad for her and the baby .ju keep or head up and be strong for her,when u get off u have somthing to look forword to seeing that is ur life everybody mess up in life ,ju keep ur head up and think positive .who ever said tha its good to not be in that baby life they dont know how its feel not being around his or her life they are blessin for god .(wow she got 5 yrs. she goin in there doin 5 yrs but its for good right now ,but know body should judye her every person not perfect everyone has there down fells


What a damn shame. Being a teen mom is very hard, but these girls go on here and wanna make a name for themselves instead of handling their business. Im so over with reality tv cause these people stupid as fuck n think its cute to exploit themselves for the world to see, and if they act hard on tv, people will think they hard....smfh!


MTV is ultimately responsible for everything that these exploited teenage mothers have done recently. I still don't understand how any of this was legal to begin with? However, sentencing someone to prison for five years for failing drug tests is simply uncalled for and a failure by the judge. Not only does it take away a young mother from her child but it abuses tax dollars that will be spent to house and feed her.


I agreed ev'rything all what Sortyour Dream words..


Lindsay didn't get jail time because she completed all the terms of her plea agreement. Amber did not. She gave up.


I feel so sad for Amber... She is obviously lost. Her mistakes do not only take a toll on her daughter and the father but think her poor mother and family. Surely, they did not see this for Amber’s future. Yes, having a baby so young is irresponsible, but I’m sure they we not thinking it would go this far. I don’t wish 'jail time' for anyone... Her poor baby needs her mother in her life. I do feel she needs rehab and therapy. Jail won’t do anything but make her worse off... just my opinion on the matter. She and the ones close to her are in my prayers.


Damn thats crazy. Yes she needs help but not like that. My ex has never gotten more then 18 mths for domestic and also has a record 6 ft long and multiple victims. And I live in indiana, same place she is and look at the difference.


This is what happens when the media turns these lost souls into 'reality stars.' Now she can be a "celebrity" in jail.


Her daughter will be better off with Amber in prision. And can we make sure she is in for the full 5 years? I had a mom that as similar to Amber. The parade of men in and out of our home, the drug parties, and as I got older, the guys who thought it would be hot to have mom and daughter in a 3-some... Yeah, foster care could not have been much worse.


She needs help, long term. But jail will not do it. What a shame.

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