Amber Portwood Sentenced to Five YEARS in Prison

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Amber Portwood has been sentenced to five years in prison after throwing in the towel on rehab and asking an Indiana judge to reimpose her sentence.

Guess he took her request to heart.

Portwood had been on probation following a December drug arrest, but was jailed for contempt of court this spring after failing to show up for a drug test.

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Portwood was in court when the judge reimposed the sentence of five years in prison. Her attorney asked for leniency, but the judge was unmoved.

Not that he had a choice, he said. Due to her relapse, he said he had no choice but to enforce the terms of her plea agreement from this winter.

Portwood's five-year prison sentence was previously stayed on the condition she complete a drug rehabilitation program. That did not happen.

The Teen Mom train wreck lied about a medical condition to get out of drug testing, then gave up on rehab and asked to go to prison instead.

The judge said he would refer Amber to the Indiana Department of Corrections therapeutic community program - incarceration-based rehab.

Amber Portwood will be given credit for time served in jail, which is considerable, but nothing approaching five years. See you in 2016 or 2017 girl?

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Maybe she wanted to go to prison to avoid raising her child. Hey, parenting is hard work! She shouldn't be around any children, let alone her own.


She is a total idiot and her parents also for not being strict with her. She was well enable by not being watched by her parents. They are to blame not just her. In these times PARENTS should be punished along with their children. I have two teens and they are not angels but you do not see them doing drugs, getting pregnant or, BREAKING THE LAW. But I for one will be right there to repremand them for their wrong doings and if I need to be punished what they are doing wrong so be it, my kids are a reflection of my child rearing. SO SHAME ON ALL YOU WHO DO NOT MAKE THE EFFORT TO KNOW WHERE AND WHAT YOU CHILDREN ARE DOING AT ALL TIMES!!!! WHO the hell lets their child get pregnant at such a young age. Let them be on a show, and have the whole world know all your business, all this for what MONEY, shows the morals you have instilled on your child.




what prison did she go to?

Kellie m

The only thing I can say is what a dumbass.


I'd be taking drugs to if I had to get up in the mourning and look at that in the mirror


Be careful what you wish for Amber!!! Now look at what mess you've gotten yourself into!! This is exactly what this stupid little immature spoiled bitch needs! Spend 5 years in the big house with grown women. LMAO!!!


And...I bet any money when she told the judge to send her to prison, she never thought she would. She thought her attorneys would find a way for her to weasel out of it. Surprise!!! Now go to jail!!!


The one I feel most sorry for here is her child. This spoiled selfish girl has made one stupid choice after another. Thank God her child will be raised now in a more calm environment with its father. He's no prize, but at least he's calm and loves the child. I feel Amber lives the child too, but she's not mature enough to understand that once someone decides to have a child, they give up their own rights to freedom for the next 18-20 years because that child MUST come first. Praying Leah will now flourish, although I'm sure she will miss her mother - it's in her best interest not to be around her mother until her mother learns what's REALLY important in life - her child.


Amber, you're still young and have all the time to recollect and changed for good... Think about your family especially your daughter's future... Be responsible and never loose hope... Always pray for God is there for you if you seek Him.

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