Amber Portwood Jailhouse Interview: Teen Mom Star Discusses 5-Year Sentence

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Amber Portwood, fresh off being sentenced to five years in prison, opened up about it with Good Morning America LIVE from the big house this morning.

The Teen Mom star Amber Portwood had become so depressed in rehab that she tried to overdose on pills, which prompted her to bail altogether.

She insisted that she enter prison instead, and having violated the rules of her probation repeatedly, a judge felt he had no choice but to oblige.

A shackled Amber spoke with Good Morning America today, claiming, "I had taken 30 Suboxone [a drug used to treat opioid addictions] within three days."

"The depression took over. I would take 4-5 at a time."

"It got to a point where I felt like I'd rather do my time and get it over with, and make the best of a situation that's been handed to me. I'm not just going to sit. I'm going to do substance abuse classes. I'm going to get my GED."

That's ... admirable in a weird way?

It still makes no sense, since Amber Portwood had an opportunity to receive out-patient treatment without prison, even after she was jailed for contempt of court for flaking on mandatory drug tests, but opted for prison anyway.

Wonder if she'll rethink "getting it over with" in 2016 ... when she's STILL IN THERE.


A person must have a very good reason to choose to be locked up for years rather than go to rehab. She probably realizes that she would have access to drugs if she chose rehab and took prison instead. I used to want to slap this girl silly but now I just feel sorry for the mess she has made out of her life and in front of an entire nation. I hope she does spend the majority of the prison sentence behind bars so that she may have a real chance to get well.


people need to realize, maybe she felt that being in her childs life with these difficulties was a bad idea? she obviously has drugs around the child so why is everyone mad with her decision? besides i was sent to an inpatient program, and 3 of the kids decided to go to jail after relapsing and stealing the kids medications. they felt it was a safespace away from drugs, which is true. although the 5 years may seem long, once shes sober , she has a full healthy liiekk 60 years to be apart of her daughters life.


what the fudge is wrong with her? i think she is going through a mentall break or something because there is no way anyone in there right state of mind would choose five years of prison verses rehab. i am a recovering addict and if ya really work the program right you can become clean god bless her
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Coming from someone who once was a addict, you will do what is needed when it comes to recovering. That is if your mind is made up. If you have to be locked up to do so, then so be it! Everyone who has been through the system knows you can cheat every other addict that gets released from rehab 60 days later!! When suffering from addiction you will fall weak. Every day is a battle, and she doesn't get that choice behind bars. Leah is in good hands, and she is aware of this I am sure. How can she be a role model for this little girl if she isn't at her best now or five years from now??? Which they won't even give her a max sentence, she will most likely serve a year or two and get out on OR(good behavior). God bless this little girl, and may Amber beat the battle of addiction!!!!


Did anyone else hear that she was going to take "substance abuse classes"???? She had the option to do that WITHOUT being in prison!!


What the hell is wrong with her her daugther is the most beautful little girl ever and her baby's father is a great guy why is she chooseing jail time she dosnt realize wat shes getting herself into now her little girl wont see her mommy for 5 yrs and she is goin to miss out on 5 yrs of her baby's life wat is wring with u amber I hope u straighten up for your perious. Little princess and ur self also...ur a great girl do it for ur little one.


She's not the only one in this world that goes through what she does, and until you walk in their shoes and lived their life, you should just have no comment on it unless you REALLY know what it's like.. she's young still, she will grow and learn as she goes, as we all do! .. she needs love and support just like any human does... Eh, I'd rather choose rehab than jail tho.. they could really give her what she needs to get better..


This girl is messed up & she's dragging everyone down with her like her daughter. Sorry....I won't support anyone who doesn't care for
herself or her child. If she wanted to be a better mom then she
should straighten her life for her child.

Kellie m

She instead that she enter prison instead??? WTF Free Britney?? You seriously need to start proofreading your work. That said, I'm glad she is locked up because now Leah can grow up without all of the least for the next few years.


Who could ever CHOOSE to leave their baby girl behind, especially at such a young age? I would have done YEARS in rehab if it meant being able to see my daughter under normal circumstances. Now she'll have to visit her mom in prison. Ultimate selfishness if you ask me, its still all about her. Addiction is serious but a little effort would have went a long way where Leah's concerned. I just don't get it.

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