Amber Portwood Jailhouse Interview: Teen Mom Star Discusses 5-Year Sentence

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Amber Portwood, fresh off being sentenced to five years in prison, opened up about it with Good Morning America LIVE from the big house this morning.

The Teen Mom star Amber Portwood had become so depressed in rehab that she tried to overdose on pills, which prompted her to bail altogether.

She insisted that she enter prison instead, and having violated the rules of her probation repeatedly, a judge felt he had no choice but to oblige.

A shackled Amber spoke with Good Morning America today, claiming, "I had taken 30 Suboxone [a drug used to treat opioid addictions] within three days."

"The depression took over. I would take 4-5 at a time."

"It got to a point where I felt like I'd rather do my time and get it over with, and make the best of a situation that's been handed to me. I'm not just going to sit. I'm going to do substance abuse classes. I'm going to get my GED."

That's ... admirable in a weird way?

It still makes no sense, since Amber Portwood had an opportunity to receive out-patient treatment without prison, even after she was jailed for contempt of court for flaking on mandatory drug tests, but opted for prison anyway.

Wonder if she'll rethink "getting it over with" in 2016 ... when she's STILL IN THERE.

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I'm reading all these comments, and i'm just so disgusted at how people say shes a shitty person or shes a bad mom! She's not a bad mother and shes not a shitty person at all! She's a 22 year old woman going through a lot right now,so you people need to stop bashing her because you have no clue what shes going through. I'm a big supporter of Amber and I hope she gets better..All the haters need to back off,cause this could be anyone of you!!!!


Suboxone is used for long term opiate users who are trying to get off drugs. They come in pill form--which from my experience DO take about 20 minutes to disolve. They also come in the form of a strip that you place on your tongue (kinda like listerene breathmint strips) those obviously do not take long to disolve. Suboxone is not the obvious drug of choice to overdose too. It seems this was more of a cry for help. Based on her past behaviors, it is obvious she doesn't make the best choices so her choosing prison isn't a suprise. Rehab and the 12 step program DO work.....if u put in the effort. You can go to prison all you want but just having "clean time" under your belt doesn't cure the addiction. And by the way, take it from someone who can get drugs in prison a lot easier than most people think.


Good for her. She's a shitty mom anyway and that goes to prove it. She's not too bright.


I hope someone does everyone else a favor and shank this white trash bitch.


Well for number 7 j. That thinks she nos about suboxone it does not take that long and it is poss. To take that many at a time they have stops out now that only take sec. To take n the pills r only 5 min. So plz don't post bout stuff u don't know about I feel so sorry for her but y would the rehab just hand them out like candy?????


First and foremost this girl needs prayer. Aside from that she should not be in prison she should be in a mental facility and I dont mean that in a mean way I mean that very seriously. There are obviously some severe mental issues going on here and what weve all seen are just the symptoms of it. She makes me so angry but I feel sorry for her because she has had to see some horrible things in her life for her to be this messed up. Its also very obvious that there are mental issues because she just keeps getting worse and worse without the right treatment. Im sorry for those of you that think Gary is such a great guy but hes not!!! What is wrong with him that he keeps wanting to go back with her after all of the abuse hes taken from her?? He needs to quit thinking about what he wants or thinks he wants anyways and take his daughter and start over away from the madness!!!!


Dumb!!! If you think rehab is hard wait to you go to prison!!! YOu are going to regret your decision.


Damn amber u r in my prays n I hope this is a life lesson larned


I think it is true that we don't know what anyone is going through until we walk in their shoes. I know virtually nothing about the drug scene, but what I have heard on TV or read in books. I do think that Jail is pretty extreme, however, it is her life and she has to be the one to make that choice. I have read there are more drugs in prisons than out, just what I have read. I think it must be hard to get off drugs once you are on, don't know if she will make it or not, but it is up to her.
I reserve judgement on her as I am not the person she will be judged by.


She does realize suboxone is a drug taken by dissolving under the tongue, so you can't really take 4-5 at a time and in order to take 30 is 3 days you would be spending the entire time sitting with pills under her tongue considering they take 20-30 min per pill. Doesn't really make sense, hard drug to "overdose" on

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