Amber Portwood Jailhouse Interview: Teen Mom Star Discusses 5-Year Sentence

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Amber Portwood, fresh off being sentenced to five years in prison, opened up about it with Good Morning America LIVE from the big house this morning.

The Teen Mom star Amber Portwood had become so depressed in rehab that she tried to overdose on pills, which prompted her to bail altogether.

She insisted that she enter prison instead, and having violated the rules of her probation repeatedly, a judge felt he had no choice but to oblige.

A shackled Amber spoke with Good Morning America today, claiming, "I had taken 30 Suboxone [a drug used to treat opioid addictions] within three days."

"The depression took over. I would take 4-5 at a time."

"It got to a point where I felt like I'd rather do my time and get it over with, and make the best of a situation that's been handed to me. I'm not just going to sit. I'm going to do substance abuse classes. I'm going to get my GED."

That's ... admirable in a weird way?

It still makes no sense, since Amber Portwood had an opportunity to receive out-patient treatment without prison, even after she was jailed for contempt of court for flaking on mandatory drug tests, but opted for prison anyway.

Wonder if she'll rethink "getting it over with" in 2016 ... when she's STILL IN THERE.

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OMG! It is very terrible and mean what people comment. This could happen to anybody what Ambers going through. At least she is trying. Glad she is gonna get the healing process. Her little girl will be ok and won't forget her mom. Hang in there Amber, things will get better in time. Amber and Gary ignore the negative people, they need help themselves.


Amber and Gary are perfect Indiana products. Fat, pugsly looking and likely related. And they bred. Great.


Nobody should pass judgement .... And everybody is not perfect it's clear amber needs help and is crying out for it. Sometimes in life you get lost and can't find your way . My prayers go out to amber and I hope she can find her way in this crazy world. Not everything is as it appears on t.v. So lighten up on the girl and pray I'm sure the true things that have occurred during her life haven't. Been let out and sometimes people just have a mental disease ...would people judge her if she had cancer ? But judge her for being mental ill ? When has everybody in the world became so perfect ?


i havn't seen the show all that much recently, but OMG, it was omg gary i love you, i want my life with you, and then literally the next sentence was GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE! I hated, hated, hated this dumb bitch within 2 episodes, I can't believe Teen Mom would want to keep showing her DUMB RETARDEDNESS!!!!


uhm hey fa, by bad mouth you mean point out what they have done? bad mouthing would be to go on and on about how much of a loser amber is, but instead you can just point out what you see, ie amber had some dude on work release from jail around her beloved leah, and let him stay with leah while she was away!?! what a low life! wonder why she would get leah taken away? among the laundry list of shit her life turned out to be that SHE caused herself! good thing you dont have any authority over these kids, you'd feel bad and let it all happen! yet isn't this the place for open opinion fa? a way to show your non support for ppl like amber? or as you put it another person with no life right, yes well looks like amber has no life now but with her new lesbian life partner ie her new cell mate!


Yeah I wouldn't go as far as wishing she would kill herself or get raped. Really I hope she changes but dear lord why is it so shocking to her that her daughter got taken away from her?! Yeah all of her records may have been clean but you psycho you hit your fiancé and are threatening to kill yourself come on now doesn't sound like you need to be around Leah at this point and no we dont know what she's going through Its all over the tv and I'm pretty sure it's worse than what they show us. She is a horrible mom and I am glad that she can't be around Leah because that's scary. And it could be any one of us? No not me I have self control and I don't beat my husband and act like a complete idiot. Good luck amber you acted like a dumb ass on national television and now you're paying the price if someone can do that shit with te camera rolling wtf is she doing when the cameras are off that's the scary part.


I can't believe what I'm seeing. Like people have nothing better than to bad mouth someone. Yes she did stupid things and was stupid enough to do them on national television, but wishing someone rapes her or wishing she really kills herself is beyond what she does. Have some maturity and don't bring your level down to that. -.-


JESUS this bitch is stupid! she still doesn't have her ged? wasn't she just in high school? shouldn't she be able to pass it already? must tell you how stupid she really is!! cause everyone know it takes years to get ready for a ged test, man imagine how far she coulda gone had she not been a whore? she chose to go to jail? hahaha! yes she chose to be arrested, have her kid taken from her,and be exposed for the horrible person she is? sure! more like her own bullshit got her there! way to play it off amber! need some pills? next time do something right for a change, take sleeping pills, 30 off them!!


whos fatter gary or jabba the hut? amber is a whore, gary called her house looking for her brother, yet amber was so easy she fucked him and popped out his kid! lol what a great person she is, and you know it's all cause of her dead sister, the one she doesn't ever tell anyone about, other then the 20 times she uses it as an excuse for being a shit parent to leah, and the millions of ppl who watch now know, she never mentions it, ever!


uhm yes we have no idea what amber is going through, lets see she's abusive, drunk drug addict that can't stop! sound about right? and yes she's a shit mom, haven't you been watching the show nicole linn? it's all being documented! guess she can self medicate in her cell with laquesha untrimmed bush in her face! get over here amber, time to soap up big momma u shit teen mom!