Amber Portwood Chooses Prison Over Her Child

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Media coverage surrounding Amber Portwood's decision to go to prison because she can't hack it in rehab has more or less ignored one key component:

Her daughter, Leah.

The Teen Mom star was sentenced to five years in prison last week after she dropped out of a drug-treatment program the court ordered her to complete.

She could've toughed it out, though; Portwood is off to prison because she felt rehab was simply too hard and thinks going to jail is the only way to get clean.

Amber Portwood in Jail

Portwood said in her jailhouse interview last week that an overdose drove her to take the five-year sentence - handed down because of her repeated drug arrests, but initially suspended pending completion of the program.

The saddest part of this saga, which has become an afterthought, is that she effectively chose to be locked up and away from her three-year-old girl.

With the final season of Teen Mom starting tomorrow, this is unlikely to be swept under the rug any longer. The premiere shows Amber going to rehab.

In the second episode, she's in treatment and thinks she's making some real progress, making her downward spiral even more depressing to endure.

Maybe Gary Shirley having custody of Leah isn't the worst thing, but why would you choose to go to prison and not be a part of your child's life?

Like everything else in Amber's world, it defies comprehension.


I think Amber is an extremely selfish person, and I wish she would quit trying to get sympathy. I have no sympathy for people who have numerous chances to turn their life around, but are too lazy to do so. Maybe Gary having custody is better for Leah, but I, personally, believe he is just as lazy and selfish as Amber. Neither one of them are fit to be parents, and I feel so sorry for little Leah. I hope she grows up and sees the mistakes her parents have made for what they really are, mistakes. I also hope she doesn't follow down any of her family's path, because they ALL seem selfish, lazy, and unmotivated.


If Amber took her own life with Leah watching....however selfish it seems it's the right thing to do. Hopefully Amber will return a much stronger person.


Better for her kids is right! Hopefully, she'll get help during jail time! Some folks just need that pathway to get serious about it.


She always said Gary was the problem but she is


It may seem like a crazy option for her but I think shes right. I have a son who is an addict and rehab didn't help only jail straightened him out. She obviously wants to live and can't control herself outside so it may be the best thing for her. She certainly wouldn't be helping Leah all drugged out and suicidal


I am baffled by this. I feel so bad for Gary and Leah. I was an Amber supporter until this. I could not imagine living a day without my kids. I don't think she knows how much she will miss in 5 years - a lot more firsts. Well the one good thing about her going to jail is she can't reproduce while in there. :)


Amber Portwood is pathetic and needs more than rehab, she needs mental help.


I am a twenty three year old mother and I have had my children since I was fifteen I could not imagine life without them. I will say it isnt always easy and exspecially with people breathing down your neck.

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