Amber Portwood Chooses Prison Over Her Child

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Media coverage surrounding Amber Portwood's decision to go to prison because she can't hack it in rehab has more or less ignored one key component:

Her daughter, Leah.

The Teen Mom star was sentenced to five years in prison last week after she dropped out of a drug-treatment program the court ordered her to complete.

She could've toughed it out, though; Portwood is off to prison because she felt rehab was simply too hard and thinks going to jail is the only way to get clean.

Amber Portwood in Jail

Portwood said in her jailhouse interview last week that an overdose drove her to take the five-year sentence - handed down because of her repeated drug arrests, but initially suspended pending completion of the program.

The saddest part of this saga, which has become an afterthought, is that she effectively chose to be locked up and away from her three-year-old girl.

With the final season of Teen Mom starting tomorrow, this is unlikely to be swept under the rug any longer. The premiere shows Amber going to rehab.

In the second episode, she's in treatment and thinks she's making some real progress, making her downward spiral even more depressing to endure.

Maybe Gary Shirley having custody of Leah isn't the worst thing, but why would you choose to go to prison and not be a part of your child's life?

Like everything else in Amber's world, it defies comprehension.


She is Making the best decision she has made yet ... very proud of her .... lets all pray that she gets out ok for lil leah


Ummmmm do you people realize that you can get any kind of drug you want in prison?????? I have friends that have gone into prison drug free and came out with drug problems.


I think it's a good thing and a bad thing, she is choosing to go to jail because she knows she will relaps ofher drug addiction, therefore if she is in jail for 5 yrs she will have no choice but to get clean so she can have a life with her daughter.She will still be able to see her child if the dad chooses to let her. She may only serve 3 yrs tops probably. It would have to be hard to be away from your child but at least she knows that Gray is a good father and will treat her right. This will only help Amber in the long run. No reason to hate on her. Yes I thought she is a shitty parent but this might be the best thing for her right now.


Choosing Jail, knowing you will be locked up etc is SELFLESS
I support Amber. She is an addict and suicidal-she realizes she must be away from the drugs which she know will kill her. 5 years away versus a lifetime with no mom. She comes from an abusive household. She wants to change. Whoever screamed at her on the street or did drivebys while she was w her kid is DISGUSTING. Is she really that bad? there are real abusers, kid molesters, leave this girl ALONE.


She will be someones biiiitch. Se needs a face/body lift


You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You don't know what this girl is going through. She made a choice to do something to better herself for her daughter even if that means stepping away for a while she's doing it bc she wants to give her daughter a better life and she can't do that if she's addicted to drugs and she knew rehab wasn't working. And u don't know everything the media will only tell u part of the story and it's only going to be the bad part. So give her a break people let her do what she thinks is best for her and her family.


@ finnsmomma I agree with you completely!! She is a selfish person... She does not deserve to be a mother to that little girl... I do not have any sympothy for her... I had a drug problem and was court ordered to rehab and my kid was my motivation to get clean and now ive been clean for 2 years... she doesnt give a fuck about her kid


@ Jenna , you couldn't be more right. The baton is passed and the beat goes on.


I think everyone is forgetting that this young lady is choose to live by any means necessary. Yes I agree everything that she is going through is her fault and yes the only victim is Leah. I've never been a drug addict and about 99% of you guys haven’t either, IF she feels this is what's going to be for her to be alive and live for Leah than we need to respect her wishes and stop getting on her case. Some people just cannot do it outside with 90-120 days of rehab.


Sadly, in 13 years we will see Leah on 16 & Pregnant, with some fat bum just like her dad. This little apple fell right under the fat, lazy tree!

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